What a perfect night!!

Sue Shower 1

A family friend of Brian’s (her daughter is one of our bridesmaids!) threw us a couples wedding shower on Saturday night.  I feel like I have maybe been hogging the wedding spotlight, as I had my first bridal shower back in April, and since then I have had wedding dress fittings, have been working on the little details of the wedding, and really kind of feel like a crazy bride!

It was great to have Brian there to share all of the fun 🙂

Sue Shower 4

Brian’s parents and a couple of other family friends were there, as well as some of our friends.

Sue Shower 3

The crowd was perfect!

Sue Shower 30Sue, the wonderful hostess, told us soon after we were newly engaged back in 2011 that she wanted to throw this couple’s shower for us, and we are so thankful that she did!

We knew that she wanted the shower to take place outdoors, but all day Friday and most of the day Saturday it was rainy.  Lucky enough, the rain stopped on Saturday afternoon and held off through the rest of the night!  It was great to see all of her hard work come into fruition.

Sue Shower 6

Sue had lots of yummy food such as shrimp, guacamole, veggie pizza, cheese ball, and veggies.  We all made sure to fill our plates!

Sue Shower 8

After filling our bellies, it was time for Brian and I to open gifts!

Before we got to the opening of the gifts, everyone went around the group of people and introduced themselves and then shared a funny story about Brian or me.  THAT was probably the best part of the night!  Some of the stories had me tearing up they were so funny!

Sue Shower 11

Sue Shower 12

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Sue Shower 19

Sue Shower 16

Sue Shower 20

Sue Shower 21We received some pretty amazing gifts!  We are so thankful for our thoughtful friends and family who brought us gifts to help fill our apartment and start our lives together.

Brian and I made sure not to tear a single bow…apparently, the number of bows that you break is the number of children that you will have.  We do plan on having children someday…it’s just fun to not tear ANY! 😉

Sue Shower 26

After gift opening, I spied these little goodies…

Sue Shower 24I seriously think that these were the BEST cupcakes that I have ever tasted!  They were from Kim’s Kakes, and I am not just saying that they were the best…they were seriously delicious.  Brian and I shared a strawberry and a white cupcake and each was so tasty!  They were soft and almost melted in my mouth they were so good.

Once cupcakes were consumed, the sun started to set which meant it was time to light up the fire!

Sue Shower 28

We sat around the fire and chatted for a bit before saying our goodbyes to all of our close friends.

Sue Shower 29

Brian and I truly feel so happy, thankful, and blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives.  Thank you all for coming to celebrate our upcoming wedding!  We are getting so excited for the big day which is just a month away!

I hope you all had a great weekend too!

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