Sorry about the short leave of absence.  I had to stay later at work last night than expected and go in earlier than expected this morning!

Here are the latest work outfits.

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It’s All About Perspective

Yesterday, at work we had an unexpected visit from a manager that monitors several stores throughout the area.  This caught me, and the rest of my team off guard because the store wasn’t looking it’s best because we were planning on redoing the floor plan for the current season later that night (which is why I stayed late and came in early).  It was also the first time I had been on the floor as manager on duty without another manager there to cover me if I needed help or had a question.

At first, I was nervous.  I didn’t want to say or do anything wrong, but as soon as I actually met him we somehow got on the subject of spinning classes and running and found that we had a lot in common outside of work.  This totally took the edge off of the situation and made me remember “Hello!  He is just a person doing his job, following the rules he has been given, and doing what someone else above him is telling him to do.”  Throughout the visit he asked me various questions, presented various scenarios, and gave me advice on things to work on with the rest of the team.  I never once felt the need to make excuses or that he was being overly critical.  I know that our store works really hard to produce the numbers that it produces, and that it is his job to find something for us to work on to push us a little bit harder to take us to the next level.  I gave my feedback and agreed when I felt appropriate.

When two other managers came in though, they totally felt 180 degrees opposite of me.  The first thing out of their mouths after any comment he would make was a rebuttal and I could tell that they felt like it was necessary to be in defense mode.

At first, I was confused because to me, this man seemed so nice and like he our store and the company in his best interest….then I realized…it is all about perspective.  

It is hard for anyone to take harsh criticism, but I truly feel that it is all in the way you spin it.  This was a huge learning moment for me being able to see how another person reacts completely different in the same situation.  I know that we all know everyone has a different view, perspective, and opinion but for some reason this situation totally impacted me.  Because of this, when I feel the need to defend or have frustration towards a certain situation I am going to make the effort to view it in another perspective.

Have you had a situation where someone reacted in a completely opposite way then you would have??



Ok, so because of a lack of sleep I am feeling less than motivated to go to the Pilates class I was originally planning on today, but no worries!  Remember though, it is good to build rest days into your usual weekly workout routine 🙂


My Brother is a TV Star!

Ok, so the performing gene runs in the family and my brother was in an ESPN college football commercial as Purdue Pete…check it out!


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