The past two days (Friday and Saturday) have been full of nutrition and Pilates, two things that I love!


On Friday, nearly the entire day, we went over how to give a nutrition counseling session.  At first, I was kind of leary because I am not a certified dietition or nutritionist.  However, when we actually started doing the consultation I realized that I am not making a meal plan for the clients saying that they must eat certain things in order to lose weight.  We are basically just using research and common sense to give suggestions about how to achieve their health goals because as we all know, we cannot achieve our goals by exercising alone.

This is our fitness group waiting outside for class!

I am very excited to begin to practice what I preach next week when I plan to actually write up myself a little plan.  The plan really focuses on balance at every meal, including snacks, and that is what I lack.  Although I am eating salads and fresh foods when I can, I have always struggled with getting enough lean protein (or just enough protein) into my diet.  So, today a couple of the girls and I are going to invest in some soy protein powder to help us out with the balance.  Now, I wouldn’t personally use the protein powder if I was living a typical lifestyle where I can prepare my own meals at home, but since I don’t have control of that I need another supplemental source of lean protein because there really isn’t a food option here that fits that need.


Yesterday, we did Pilates all day!  We started off the day with a master class that was amazing.  After only working out a couple of times this week, being completely exhausted, and just getting used to the new routine this Pilates class was perfect.  It challenged the body throughout the entire workout, then at the end we literally went into a meditative sleep, yes SLEEP!  I think we all slept for 15 minutes, and it may have been the best 15 minutes of my life ;).


After the master class we went to lunch at Pret A Manger.  I ordered a wrap with lettuce, cucumber, chickpeas, and hummus but did not eat the wrap because I just wasn’t in the mood to eat non-whole wheat food (after talking about nutrition for so long!).

We then came back to class and continued to learn our warm up and the beginning of our workout.  I practiced it so much last night, that my arms are feeling sore from all of the push-ups…but I love it!


After class, we then ran to Poundland to pick up a couple of class supplies that we needed.  Poundland is like the British version of the Dollar Store….everything is a pound!

After working out mentally and physically for the majority of the day, we were all ready for dinner.  I had a salad , as usual, mixed with my cooked carrots and cabbage but they added in dark green lettuce rather than only giving me iceburg, the cherry on top of a wonderful day!

Hope everyone is getting ready for Halloween tomorrow!!

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