Lindsay over at the Lean Green Bean is hosting the second official Pin It Party on her blog today.  This is a great way to show some love and support to other blogs and to get introduced to new blogs all through pinning.  I find so much inspiration and so many great ideas through Pinterest that I simply had to participate in this Pin It Party myself.

Pin It Party

Each blogger participating in the party has selected 5 “pin-worthy” posts of their own to pin.  We have put our links on Lindsay’s blog to make it easy for everyone to find all of the people in the party!  Feel free to head on over to the Lean Green Bean to check out all of the other bloggers and their suggested pins and feel free to pin away with anything that inspires you or catches your eye 🙂

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5 Pin Worthy Posts

granola bars text

Homemade Granola Bars

This is one of Brian’s favorite snacks!  They are sweetened with honey and dates and include lots of nuts, and fun mix ins.  The recipe makes a ton, so it is great to make at the beginning of the week to have this healthy snack on hand.

gym bag text

How to Streamline Your Getting Ready Routine at the Gym

This post outlines some of the staples that I keep in my gym bag that help to keep the getting ready process as quick and smooth as possible.

High Heel Workout Text

High Heel Workout Video

I taught a very fun themed group fitness class that focused on the importance of safely walking in high heels.  In the post I give an overview of the class and display a workout video that demonstrates the exercises that I recommend to keep your legs and core strong for walking in heels.

Chocolate Raisin Oat Cookies made with Coconut Oil

These cookies are yummy, simple to make, and they include coconut oil rather than butter!  I have recently been incorporating coconut oil into a lot of my cooking, and I am really enjoying the swap!  If you are unsure about making the change, this would be a good recipe to start out with as the cookies are a delicious little treat with no coconut flavor (although to me, coconut oil never leaves coconut flavor!)

chickpea banana bread text

Chickpea Banana Bread

I am so in love with this recipe and I want everyone to try it!  You cannot taste the chickpeas ONE BIT.   They chickpeas add moisture into the bread making it extremely soft while adding in extra fiber and protein.  I have also made this bread into little muffins quite a few times.  This recipe is definitely a winner 😉


Thanks for throwing the party, Lindsay!

Now It’s Your Turn:

    • What is one of the most useful tips/recipes/ideas/etc that you have pinned from Pinterest?  Feel free to include the link!

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  1. Hi Tara! I just found your blog through the pin party! I love your tips for streamlining your routine at the gym. I just canceled my gym membership because I don’t have time to get there through traffic (California has awful traffic) but I love your tips! You’re making me want to get my butt out of bed early so I can go in the morning before the traffic gets bad!

    • I am a total morning workout kind of girl, so it is a struggle for me to get my workout in if I don’t do it first thing….bad traffic is always the worst, though!!! Even if you do your workout while you are at home you can still do it first thing in the morning to get it out of the way!!! 🙂

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