Tonight’s spin class was another sweaty one!  I actually created a new playlist using GrooveShark.  It is a music web site that allows you to download any song you want and create playlists, the only downfall is that you can’t download them onto your iPod, but as long as you have your computer with you it’s great!  The other spin instructor at my gym told me about it, and Jeremy (the boy I nanny for) actually uses it.  It is easy to figure out and there is literally every song you could want.

Cycle 45 Playlist

  1. Every Tear Drop is a Waterfall–Coldplay (3:59) Easy warm-up, establish a cadence with the song
  2. Party Rock Anthem–LMFAO (4:23) Fast pedaling, not quite sprint, seated 3 minutes
  3. I Wanna Go–Britney Spears (3:30) Sprint 15 seconds/15 second recovery repeating for 3 minutes 
  4. Give Me Everything Tonight–Pitbull (4:09) Repeat the 3 minutes of fast pedaling followed by 3 minutes of sprints for a total of three times, will be about 20 minutes
  5. Run the World–Beyonce (2:20) Repeating above
  6. On the Floor–Jennifer Lopez (1:21) Repeating above
  7. Meet Me Halfway–Black Eyed Peas (4:44) Repeating above
  8. Bon Bon–Pitbull (4:23) Finishing above, rest/recovery 1 minute
  9. Dirty Dancer–Enrique Iglesias (3:58) Jumps on 4 count throughout entire song
  10. Where them Girls At–David Guetta (3:17) Hill climb, increase gear 1-2 notches every 15 seconds for 1 min, stand at top of hill for 1 min at highest gear, seated decrease by 1-2 notches every 15 seconds for 1 min
  11. Please Don’t Stop the Music–Rihanna (3:33) Abs: all to the slow beat of the music for a total of 8, repeat all three a total of three times–regular crunches, crunches with legs in table top, bicycle
  12. Best Thing I Ever Had–Beyonce COOL DOWN and STRETCH!
After class, I came home to our second episode of GUY FOOD!  On tonight’s menu…Pizza!  Let’s start with the basics here. You are probably thinking “What?! Pizza? I thought this was supposed to be healthy?!”  When we take things back to the basics, a healthy balanced meal really requires three simple things:  a carb, a vegetable, and a protein.  Put those three things together and you will have a nutritious and balanced meal in no time!  Pizza is carbs–crust, vegetable–veggie toppings and tomato sauce, protein–meat toppings and cheese.
Now, because this is Brian making the dish, and we want to keep things as simple as possible we used a pre-made whole wheat natural crust.  This crust really had everything included…we didn’t even need a pan to cook it!

It also came with a bag to put the leftovers in…perfect for a guy.

First step:  season the crust.  Brian sprayed the crust with olive oil cooking spray and topped it with minced garlic.

He then spread tomato sauce over the crust in a perfect circular motion.

Brian decided he wanted cheese on the bottom layer and the top layer, so he added a light sprinkling of part skim milk mozzarella cheese before adding the toppings.

Here is where you can get creative and add whatever vegetable and protein you want!  We added spinach, broccoli, tomato, and pepperoni, and of course more cheese.

The pre-baked pizza

We then put it in the oven on 425 for 7 minutes and “Voila!” dinner was ready!

Brian tasted and and it met his approval, and the best part for him…there are plenty of leftovers so he can cook once and eat for more than one meal. (The salad we had on the side is optional)

Now that sounds like the perfect “Guy Food” to me!

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