This morning, I actually did NOT start my day at the gym like I usually would.

I decided to stay up a little bit later last night to watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  It was a nice little treat for a week night 😉

The fact that I was missing out on my gym time this morning didn’t bother me because tonight I am attending a holiday themed spinning class at Butler University’s Health and Recreation Center.  I can’t believe that I have not attended a spinning class since I stopped teaching back in October, so I am really looking forward to getting my sweat on tonight while riding the bike.

Another reason why I was happy to spend a little more time at home this morning, is that I was actually able to eat my breakfast sitting down in the kitchen with a real bowl and spoon at home.  Usually I eat the overnight oats I packed in a plastic container with a plastic spoon while answering e-mails and starting my day at work.  It was nice to have a little luxury and extra time this morning.

I actually got a little creative with my overnight oats, and the end result was a delicious and seasonal bowl of breakfast.  The thought of combining eggnog and pumpkin sounded like a good idea to me as I was putting these overnight oats together last night, and thankfully the idea pulled through.

Pumpkin Eggnog Overnight Oats



Place all ingredients into a bowl, and stir until combined.  Place in the refrigerator overnight or for 30 minutes.  Top with desired fruit, nuts, or nut butter.  Enjoy!

  • Did you stay up late to watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?

I sure did and I loved every second of it!  The costumes are so clever and amazing, I just can’t imagine how they constantly come up with new and outrageous ideas from one year to the next.
  • Do you like eggnog?

I am a huge eggnog fan, and this coconut milk eggnog really tastes like the real deal!  When I was younger, we would always drink homemade eggnog on Christmas Eve while wrapping the last of our presents.


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    • The oats are delicious…having them again this morning 🙂 And heading to spin right after work made the extra sleep and the VS Fashion Show ok 😉

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