So today I literally woke up at 3:45am because I had to be to work b 5am….that means I didn’t shower 😉 I started the day off with overnight oats so that I didn’t have to prepare anything this morning.  Even though I am a morning person waking up in the 3’s is definitely stretch for me.

Work was great…but sorry no picture…oops!!

Because we were at work for so long and so early me and the other two managers got a break.  So on our way to the bank we stopped at Einstein Bagels.  I went in not really knowing what to order because I was hungry since I ate breakfast at 4:30am, but as soon as I walked in I knew exactly what I wanted.  Pumpkins had invaded Einstein Bagels in the form of Pumpkin bagels, schmear, bagel bites, muffins, and my favorite…Pumpkin Latte!  I ordered it nonfat no-whip and it totally hit the spot 🙂  I LOVE pumpkin, it truly speaks fall to me.  I almost feel guilty eating it any other time of the year…so as soon as I see it in the seasonal products I go crazy for it.





After coming home, I was pretty hungry so I actually had something to eat…the leftovers from Brian’s lunch!  Quaker rice cakes, homemade hummus, and veggies.  It was tasty, and gave me energy to do an hour of pilates.  The pilates routine I did today was almost more like a giant stretch session and felt great since I am running on little sleep.

Now, Brian and I are headed to the store to exchange my first pair of jeggings.  After wearing them the first time, they got a snag in them.  Since I got them at the store I work at, my manager said to just call another store with my size and exchange them because it is “flawed product.”  I am not going to argue with her on that since I only wore them once and they already have a string loose!

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