Yesterday after work, I put on my running gear to complete my first run of 2013 in the double digits. I was hydrated, fueled and ready to go!

garminThank goodness for daylight savings time, because it was light the entire time that we were running. When we started the training program back in January, it would get dark at the end of all of our runs which instantly made things more difficult.

10 mile garminWe ran a new-to-me route throughout Indianapolis and the running group did a great job of sticking together for the entire 10 miles. After the run was complete, I instantly felt that runners high, a little soreness in my calves despite my compression socks, and hunger…

Thank goodness they always provide snacks after our group long runs!

post run snackIt felt great to actually hit that 10 mile mark, but I must admit that I am looking forward to only running 5 miles next week as an easy run 🙂

Questions of the Month – March

Every once in a while, I notice a lot of questions come in that hover around the same topic, or that I feel many people would benefit from knowing the answer. A monthly roundup of the most popular questions with their answers seemed like it may be of interest.

If you have a question that I have not answered, or something comes up in the future, please do not hesitate to comment on a post or e-mail me at [email protected]!

Here are the questions and answers:

  • How did you get started blogging, and what advice do you have for someone wanting to begin blogging?
I got my start at blogging because I was reading so many healthy-living blogs and living a similar lifestyle. I wanted to be a part of the awesome community that I kept reading about, and I wanted to inspire others to live healthier and happier lives!
firecracker 6
I did a lot of research as to which platform to start with, and I decided to start with WordPress. It was free, easy to navigate, and several of the other blogs that I followed started with it. From there, I really went through a process of trial and error. I am constantly making notes and looking to other blogs for ideas, but at the end of the day I always try to post something that I find interesting and that I would want to read!!
At the end of the day, be YOURSELF!! Figure out what your blog’s focus will be, who you want to reach, and what they are interested in.
Here are some of the resources I have used and people I have reached out to for blogging advice:
  • Where do you teach classes? Is there a drop in fee if I want to attend?
les mills launch 1
I teach classes in Indianapolis, and if you are in the area and would like to attend a class there is a free class pass that you can sign up for online.
Please send me an e-mail at [email protected] if you are interested!
  • How can I get more out of Bodypump?

This question require a bit of a lengthy answer, so I actually centered an entire post around it!


Here is what I summarized in the post as my top 5 tips to get the most out of your Bodypump class:

  1. Bring a notebook
  2. Focus
  3. Don’t skip the stretches
  4. Attend class 2-3 times a week for the best results
  5. Come to class early to get everything set up.
  • Where can I buy green curry paste?

green curry paste

I have mentioned green curry paste in a couple of recipes, so some of you were wondering where to buy it. I purchase this in the “ethnic” or “asian” food section at your typical grocery store. It is usually in the area where you purchase soy sauce and things of that nature.


I hope that this little Q & A helped! I love answering your questions to the best of my ability…so keep ’em coming!

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    • It’s even more addicting once you start teaching. I love it more and more with every release! 🙂

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