Good morning!!

This week is moving along nice and speedy…just how I prefer, since Brian and I are literally counting down the seconds until we leave for our honeymoon on Saturday morning.

Food around the Rochford house (still feels a bit weird to say that!) has been pretty random this week.  Most of my meals have been boring and  looked like the one below:

lunchBecause we are leaving for the honeymoon, I didn’t want to go out and purchase new groceries.  It looks like we are stuck with leftover wedding weekend food.  Oh well!

Showdown Workout

Even though my food has been pretty boring, my workouts have not.

Yesterday, a ton of the staff members at NIFS (where I work) completed the Summer Showdown challenge workout that many of our members have been completing this week.

We each partnered up, and then worked to reach 100 reps of 6 different exercises.

summer showdown 6

summer showdown 4

It was challenging, fun, and we were all really sweaty by the end but I loved it!

Surprise Package

And on another completely unrelated note….

When I got home from work, there was a package addressed to Tara Rochford in a very cute box!

planner 2

I was a little confused as to how it was already addressed to Tara Rochford rather than Tara Deal, but the box was so cute I just opened it and didn’t ask questions.

planner 3Even the packaging inside the box was adorable and fun.

It was a planner from my brand new husband with my brand new name right on the front!


Brian is so thoughtful!  He explained that when he saw someone using this planner by Erin Condren Design he knew that I would love it…and I do!!!  The planner came with pockets, labels, inspirational quotes, stickers, and is very cute.

I can’t wait to use it!

I know this post was a bit scatter-brained…but that’s all I have for ya now!! Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

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