Hello and happy Sunday!

I hope that everyone had an amazing full first day of fall yesterday.

Yesterday was pretty jam-packed with fun activities, so I will give you a brief recap of my day with some photos.


Started the day with a delicious mocha cherry smoothie.

 Then, taught a great Body Pump class!  (It felt great to me at least!)

I then showered, got ready for the day, and Brian and I headed out for a day time movie date.  Because I have a regal crown club card, we earned a free small popcorn!  Movie theater popcorn is such a delicious treat 😉

We then ran to Target to get some compression capris for my long run today.  I have never worn compression gear before, but I have read about a lot of the benefits such as decreasing muscle soreness and increasing the speed of recovery.  I am interested to see how the work for me.

 And because Brian was getting a bit hangry (Anger caused by Hunger), we picked up some Zone Perfectly Simple bars to ward off any hunger before dinner.  I had never tried these bars before, but when I noticed the extremely short ingredient list and pretty good nutrition stats we decided these bars were worth trying.  They were really tasty too!

We then had dinner with a couple of our friends, Caitlin and Dave, at a new restaurant called Ralston’s Draft House.  This place was so amazing that it deserves a post dedicated to it 🙂  So, I will fill you in on the details here later, but trust me, it was good.

We were then home by 10pmish and hopped into bed at a reasonable time.  Such a great way to spend a Saturday.

Now, I am off to complete my last long run before my half marathon next weekend.  Wish me luck!!

Time for you to share! What were some of your Saturday plans?  

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