Last night, Brian and I had my goodbye dinner at his parent’s house.  They are leaving for vacation early tomorrow morning and won’t be here next week so we had to get our goodbye’s in now!

His dad made a tasty broccoli, cheese, and chicken bake served with a delicious side salad and cranberry sauce.

That’s right, the same cranberry that is served at Thanksgiving.  My family only eats cranberry during that time of year, but the Rochfords said that cranberry is a regular side dish to the broccoli casserole.  I guess we all hear and see new ideas everyday!

We then went into the living room to chat and open cards.  The evening was perfect and relaxed, I am so thankful they had this little dinner before I left on my adventure!

We then put the camera on self-timer to get a group shot with everyone!

Then, it was time to open the cards

And then we had dessert.  It was a tasty white chocolate mousse with peaches on top and chocolate sauce.  I also brought my specialty….raspberry cream cheese brownies.

The evening was perfect, happy, and not too emotional.  Just the way I like it! 🙂


Today was another day of a workout from the Insanity series.  Pure Cardio to be exact.  I have to be honest, I hate doing the same workout so often, but I know that these workouts are going to make me sweat and I don’t have to come up with the sequences….I can just watch the video!  Sometimes it’ nice to give my brain a break.


Because my egg white sandwich was so delicious yesterday, I decided to have it again!  Only today I had it in a La Banderita tortilla.  I had never had this kind of tortilla, but since Brian’s parent’s are going out of town they gave us a ton of food from their fridge…including the tortillas.

These tortillas were seriously soooo soft!  I couldn’t believe it.  Today, I had an egg white, spinach, swiss cheese, and salsa!  Delish!

Off to accomplish more things on my to-do list!  Yesterday, I got a lot done outside of the house, but today I need to get stuff done in the house!

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