This weekend went by FAST as Brian and I had some fun and prepped for the final week before Thanksgiving.  I can’t believe, and I’m so excited, that Thanksgiving is next week.

Friday night looked like this:

November date night 2

That would be November Date Night.  More details on what we did coming in a post later this week!

Saturday morning started with a smoothie that was extra thick and creamy thanks to some added sweet potato.  I was totally inspired by Meg on this one 😉 Recipe coming soon…

sweet potato smoothie 4

Brian and I had some unused gift cards, so I went out and bought fun holiday decorations.

weekend 7

Saturday night, Brian and I attended a dental school event and had lots of fun just letting loose 🙂

weekend 1

We went Duckpin bowling in a cool downtown Indianapolis neighborhood called Fountain Square.

Duckpin bowling is slightly different than regular bowling because of the scoring, the smaller bowling balls, and funny shaped pins.

weekend 5

For me, weather it’s Duckpin or regular…I am simply no good at bowling!

weekend 6

Sunday morning started with another smoothie with a fun new-to-my-smoothie ingredient…DATES!  This is the recipe I used.  Ever tried dates in a smoothie?  They add a nice touch of sweetness.  I will definitely be adding them in again.

almond banana date smoothie

I also prepped a ton of food for the week including these yummy and easy granola bars from the Minimalist Baker. (click the link for the recipe)  Just 5 ingredients!

granola bars 4

granola bars 2

And I tried Lindsay over at the Lean Green Bean‘s Cranberry Sweet Potato Cottage Cheese Muffins to have on hand for grab and go breakfasts, a little something sweet for Brian’s lunches and as a quick snack.

I was a little nervous to try this recipe…sweet potatoes?  cottage cheese?  in muffins??…But the turned out great and this will definitely be a recipe that we keep in regular rotation.

Also, the cranberry and sweet potato make them a bit festive!

Sweet Potato Muffins Lean Green Bean 3

I worked outside to take some quick blog photos before the big storm hit.

Behind the scenes

And then Brian and I went to his parent’s house for a relaxing Sunday dinner and to talk about our holiday schedule.  Sorry, no pictures of that…but Brian’s dad made a yummy veggie lasagna with homemade ricotta.  Delish!

Your Turn:

  • Tell me about your weekend!  Try any new recipes?  Complete any amazing workouts?  
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  1. What a great weekend!!!! Fun recipes, fun times with Brian, and family time?? Perfect!!! I don’t even know what day it is anymore. I didn’t do much this weekend- studied, hung out with Kyle, and got in some good workouts!

  2. Sounds like a fantastic weekend. Do you think Brian’s dad would share his homemade ricotta recipe? It’s so hard to come by ricotta out here.

    Have a wonderful Monday, Tara!

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