Here in Indiana, it is literally freezing!

Monday, it was sunny and slightly warm, but the past two days it has literally been in the 20s, slightly snowy, and very windy.  All that I can think is that in a month it will be spring.  I seriously cannot wait to wear dresses, not have to layer, and enjoy the sunshine.

Brian and I headed to the gym yesterday morning, as we do most mornings, and completed a shoulder workout, some ab work, and then I completed a 4 mile run according to my half marathon training program.

The shoulder workout was simple and to the point, but I am definitely feeling it today!  I tried to increase my weights yesterday, and going down in the number of reps I completed through the workout really helped me achieve that.  I was able to work my muscles to fatigue with each movement.

When I think sculpted shoulders I think of baring your arms in a pretty sun dress (or wedding dress!!), so  I thought I would use the PicMonkey photo editor to add a little sunshine and summer into this workout to share with you.

sexy summer shoulder workout

Here are some visuals to help you with your form and technique:

Front Raise

Front Raise


Overhead Press

overhead press


Two Arm High Cable Pull

Two Arm High Cable Pull


Assisted Pull Up Machine

assisted pull up machine


Hope you all have a great Wednesday!

Question of the Morning:

  • Are you getting a glimpse of spring/warmer weather where you are?  


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