Hey friends!

Sorry for not posting yesterday.  Things got a little crazy around here in the Rochford family, but to be honest I spent most of my weekend looking at stuff like this:

Study stuff - day in the life

Which honestly isn’t all that exciting to photograph 🙂  So, while I was super productive I didn’t snap many pictures…but let’s be honest, I did snap a FEW non study moments.

Just dancing with Bernie 🙂  I’ll be honest, he is not the greatest dance partner…but then again, neither am I!

Tara and Bernie

Bernie just being Bernie



I finally feel comfortable around the grill.  I grilled our dinner on Saturday and haven’t stopped since!

Tara grilling

Tara grilling

And the latest thing Brian and I like to do together…Acro Yoga!! 🙂  We had some friends teach us a couple of things in the park on Sunday and we are totally hooked! We can’t wait to actually take a class (Youtube will work for now though!).

tara and brian acro yoga

So that was pretty much our weekend in a nutshell.

Now for some delicious meal inspiration…here is a look at our menu this week:


  • Grilled chicken tacos/taco salad with pineapple salsa (made this last night and it is fantastic!)

Pineapple Salsa


  • Breakfast for dinner (I’m thinking scrambled eggs with lots of veg and potatoes??)
  • Grilled shrimp with grilled veggies
  • Grilled salmon with brown rice and a side salad

OK, so clearly you get the theme…we are loving the grill and really keeping our meals simple this week.  It will probably look like this for the next couple of weeks with my finals coming up.  I’m going to try post lots of recipes, workouts and other fun stuff for all of you (I have so many things in the posting bank that I can’t wait to share!)  but realistically, things will be a bit slower around here simply because I want to complete the prereqs ASAP and I want to do well 🙂

Thanks so much for all of your support and I hope you have a great week!! (AND I’ll be popping back in tomorrow with a YUMMY shrimp recipe!)

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    • It is a little funny getting into the positions, but we really love it!! It’s so fun and different 🙂 Thanks for the luck!

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