Sarah and Jeremy (the kids I nanny for) granted my wish and wanted to go to the pool today!  It was sooo hot, so I cooled off with a game of Marco Polo.  I forgot how fun that game was!

Just hangin' out at the pool! Fun in the sun

We met up with one of my friends who nannies for two little girls that Sarah and Jeremy used to play with last year.  The younger one, Alexis has a crush on Jeremy and calls him “Dr. J”  How cute!

Once I was done with nannying, I headed straight to Butler to teach Core Intensity.  The workout we did today was a circuit like last week but I tweaked it juuuust a bit since I ran out of time last week.  Here is what we did:

Ab Circuit (1 minute per station the first time through, then 30 seconds per station the second time through)

  • Balance on the BOSU Ball Seated
  • Core Press—Lie on Back With Knees up and Forearms Raised with Elbows on the Ground, Engage Abs and Roll Up, End with Arms Straight in Front of You and Body in the C-Curve Position (3-5lb wts)
  • Torso Twist using Medicine Ball
  • Dumbbell Crunches on Step (8 lb weights)

Butts and Hip Circuit(1 minute per station the first time through, then 30 seconds per station the second time through)

    • Calf Raises
    • Reach and Squeeze
      • Lie on right side, propped up on right forearm, legs stacked with bottom leg bent, a weight in left hand, left arm extended overhead.  Lift hips off ground into a side plank to start.  Bend elbow and bring weight to shoulder as you lift top leg as high as you can.  Return to start.  Repeat on opposite side.
    • Weighted all 4s
      • Get on all 4s with a flat back and engaged abs.  Place 3-5lb weight behind the knee and lift heel to the ceiling.  Switch legs at 30 seconds.
    • Squat with medicine ball  

Back (all together go through twice)

  • Back extension with hands resting at temple 12 reps
  • Touchdown arms 12 reps
    • Bent over row 12 reps
      • 8-10 lb

It was a really good all over workout.  My supervisor attended class tonight and gave me some great feedback that I can’t wait to try next week!

After class, I came home and was hungry for dinner.  I wanted something quick and simple, so I took half of a Joseph’s flax, oat bran, and whole wheat pita and stuffed it with some corn salsa and low fat pepper jack cheese.  I popped it in the microwave to melt the cheese.  On the side I topped a bed of Boston lettuce with MORE corn salsa, red onion, sriracha, salt, and pepper.  It was perfect, quick, easy, and nutritious!

Tonight is going to be an early night in bed.  My plans:  read over information for the cruise, and catch up on the Next Food Network Star!


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