I can’t believe it is here….the last weekend before I leave for London and my job on the cruise line.


Brian and I have really fun plans for every day this weekend, and I have been looking forward to it for a while.  Here is a recap of what we will be doing!



  • Lunch with Brenna, Kenny (he is home from Florida for the weekend!), Dad, and Brian at Panera.  I have been craving Panera, and so has Brian so we are super excited about eating there….now I just have to decide on what to order!
Love my siblings!
  • Getting the apartment ready for Chelsea, Ashley, and Dina (Fort Wayne friends) to come over tomorrow night
  • Shopping to use up the last of the discount at my retail job.

  • Dinner at Naked Tchopstix! This is probably Brian and I’s favorite sushi restaurant….we are looking forward to it.
  • Heading to a friend, Kelsey’s house, for her birthday!
  • 9-5:30 last day of work 🙁
  • 7pmish Chelsea, Ashley, and Dina come into town!!
  • 7:30pm-??? Going away party with all of my favorite friends!
  • I’m hoping for a morning after breakfast at Patachou.  This place is seriously my favorite.  Brian and I went there after our engagement night with my family for breakfast, and they loved it too!
  • Heading to Brown County Indiana for fall festivities such as….Apple orchard visit, wine tasting, going around cute little shops.
This weekend should be great!
I started today with a coffee smoothie so that I have energy for the day and for this weekend!
Literally the sun just came up, so I am now off to change into my running shoes for a little 3 mile jog this morning.
Hope you all have an amazing start to your weekend!
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