Good morning friends!

Yesterday was a pretty important day for me.  It was my second official Les Mills Launch!

At the gym where I teach Body Pump, we try to make a pretty big deal out of the new release launches that Les Mills classes have.  Each quarter, we host a big party with various themes to showcase all of the different Les Mills formats offered at the gym (RPM, Body Pump, Body Combat, and CXWORKS).

Last night’s theme was super heros!

The Body Combat instructors were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The Body Pump instructors were the Power Rangers.

The CXWORKS instructors were the Avengers, and the RPM instructors were the Mario Brothers.  Everyone looked great!

We even encouraged the participants to dress up in super hero costumes.

Brian accidentally forgot his costume, but luckily Tasha, another instructor and the group fitness coordinator, had her husband’s Captain America hoody!

He was a trooper and wore it the entire time that we worked the check-in table 🙂

I absolutely love teaching at these launches.  I feel like we all truly work as a team while teaching together and supporting all of the various formats.  I can’t wait for the next one to come around.  It will only take 3 more months….


On a side note, in the mail yesterday I received my official registration for Butler Homecoming!  This will be my first homecoming as an alum.  Last year, the day I left to work on the cruise was homecoming so I wasn’t able to participate.   I can’t wait to tailgate and enjoy all of the homecoming festivities!

Question of the Morning:

  • Does your gym have Les Mills launches?  Have you ever attended?  If you have them, what has your favorite theme been??

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