Today was a busy, but fun day!

Yummy lunch!

I ate an early lunch of a toasted English muffin with cottage cheese and tomato with a side of celery (one of my favorites!) and carrots before heading off to fit children with bicycle helmets.  One of my many summer jobs is to travel around the state of Indiana with Emmis Communications and Indiana University Health to educate children ages 8-14 about bicycle helmet safety.  We then fit them with a helmet, let them decorate it, and then take it home!  The goal is to give 3,500 helmets away!  Today we did 171!!  It’s hard for me to take pictures while I am working, but there are other staff members there taking pictures so hopefully they will send me some!

What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’??!

After work I came home to make a special dinner for Brian’s first night back!  I decided to make a salmon and spinach pasta with a white wine sauce…and boy can I say it was a HIT!

The onions!

I began by sauteing onions in a tablespoon of olive oil.  After about three minutes, I added a “healthy” amount of kosher salt, garlic, and pepper.

Then, I added about 2 cups of spinach and half of a tomato to the mix.  After the spinach had wilted, I added a 1/2 cup of white wine and let it cook off for 5 minutes.  While this was going on I boiled Al Dente whole wheat flax pasta….sooo yummy! I also grilled one fillet of salmon on the Forman!  (It’s the only grill I feel comfortable using!!)  On the side we had little salads!! The meal was DEEEELISH!  I will definitely be making that again 😉

Yummooo Dinner!

After dinner, Brian and I went on a short walk to let our stomachs settled before I made one of these little beauties!

Cookie Dough Blizzard!

A “healthy” cookie dough blizzard!  Also DEEELISH! 🙂

Now, I’m off to watch the Bachelorette with the girls! Night!!

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