Before I left for work, I had a lunch of what I like to call a sampler plate.  On today’s plate was a slice of tomato, cucumber, celery, carrots, 2 garlic stuffed olives, and 3 little date treats made of dates cut down the middle stuffed with peanut butter and topped with three chocolate chips each.

It was very satisfying!



Today, I fit helmets on children at the Marion County Fair.  It was hot, sweaty, and just what you would expect a fair to be.

Of course I didn’t leave the place empty handed….I got free sunglasses and a snack!  Not just any snack though…Funky Monkey snacks!  These are 100% organic dehydrated fruit snacks, so they are super crunchy and taste just like the fruit you are eating.  I had bananamon which is dehydrated bananas with cinnamon.


Date Night

After work, I changed my clothes and freshened up a bit because tonight is date night for Brian and I.

We walked to a restaurant downtown called Sushi on the Rocks.  We each started off the night with a drink.  I had Gewurztraminer wine which was slightly sweet like a Reisling and oh so yummy, and Brian started with a Bud light (his favorite 😉 ).

We then started with edamame as our appetizer. I love edamame because it is so salty!

We ordered three rolls to share and I honestly do not remember what each of them were, but my favorite had mango, cream cheese, asparagus, and tempura shrimp…it sounds weird but the flavors just worked so well together…and of course we added sriracha 🙂

Somehow, we still had room for dessert so we had tempura bananas with ice cream…soooo good!

Now, it’s time for more wine and a movie!  Hope your weekend is going well!


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  1. Tara lets just start with the fact that I love your blog!!! I also love Sushi on the Rocks! I recently tried it and LOVE IT! We tried the Volcano Roll & Playboy Roll which were both good specially because it was spicy. I hope you’re doing well!

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