Fridays, my gym has a combo class that is a 30 minute version of Bodycombat that is combined with CXWORX, which is a functional core training class.

Brian always has to leave in the middle so that he can get to school on time, but last night he asked if we could go to the gym a bit early so that he could get an ab workout in before Bodycombat.

This was music to my ears!  Of course we could go to the gym early and squeeze in a few extra reps! 😉

This ab circuit is quick, and to the point, but will definitely leave you feeling the burn by the end if you do the exercises properly.  It’s the perfect circuit to “tag on” to the beginning or end of any workout, or you could do it all by itself.  The choice is yours!

Tag it on Abs Circuit


  • “Here is a short video demonstrating the superman exercise:  Superman 
  • For the “Monkey Climb” lie on your back in crunch position, extend one leg to the sky.  Then, use your arms to “climb” up your leg lifting your shoulders up and off the mat while contracting your abs. Alternate legs.


This week, my breakfasts have been looking pretty much the same day in and day out.  I tried a little baking experiment and came out with something that I call a “banana breakfast cake.”

banana breakfast cakesThese little cakes contain a good amount of protein for post workout as well as slow releasing carbs from the oats, however, I do not have the recipe perfected just yet….

Don’t worry though!  I should hopefully have a recipe to share soon.

banana breakfast cakes 5

I hope you all have a great Friday!

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  1. Ooh that ab tag on seems great to add on to any workout – I’m going to have to give it a try. And those banana cakes look so yummy. I wish I wasn’t allergic to bananas, boo!

    • Thanks, Jenn!! Eek! Allergic to bananas is no good… but you can use any other fruit you like too! 🙂

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