What’s better than a Tabata workout? A Tabata workout routine that you can take anywhere with you.

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I have a great workout to share with all of you today!

Since the warm weather hit Indianapolis and decided to stay for summer about a month ago, every Tuesday at 11am some coworkers of mine and I have headed out to the White River State Park to get our workout on.

We complete a 20 minute cardio burst workout and invite anyone in the area to come join us.  It has been so fun, and a great way to meet new people that are members of the gym and introduce some non-members to our gym.

We try to take a group pic after every workout (but yesterday we forgot…oops!)

tabata workout

twenty min workout tabtata

pick a park workout

The format of the workout is awesome because it requires no equipment and it’s easy to switch out the various exercises to keep things interesting. We can DIY it however we want, wherever we want!

Each workout consists of four sets of Tabatas that have two exercises each.  Tabata is simply 20 seconds of work (at your highest intensity level) and 10 seconds of rest.  You repeat that pattern 8 times for one Tabata or 4 minutes.  We then take it a step further and complete for total Tabata rounds for a 20 minute workout that will leave you SWEATY!

We have used a couple of different timers, but my two favorite are:

Gymboss Interval Timer:

gym boss

Tabata Time App:

tabata timer app

Because this workout is so portable (all you need is your body and some sort of timer!) this type of workout is great to squeeze in when you are limited on time, have trouble getting to the gym, or when you are traveling. It’s perfect for anyone, anytime, anywhere!

I have a few trips coming up in the very near future, and I’m not sure that I’ll be able to make it to the gym so you better believe I will be fitting in a 20 minute tabata workout or two!

Here is one of MY favorite 20 minute tabata cardio workouts that you can literally take anywhere…

Take it Anywhere 20 Min Tabata via Treble in the Kitchen.jpg

Here are a couple of links to videos demonstrating some of the exercises:

I hope you enjoy the workout!

Let me know if you give it a try.

Question of the Day:

  • When you travel, do you try to find a gym to get a workout in or do you do something that requires no equipment like running or a tabata circuit like I have listed above?
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  1. So for the workout do we just do each once then repeat the whole circuit 4 time or do we do each individual exercise 8 times like a tabata, then repeat 4 times?
    Sorry if this is confusing!

    • The exercises are in blocks of 2, so do each block of 2 four times in the tabata fashion before moving to the next two exercises 🙂

  2. We always stay at a hotel with an indoor pool, so we can work out in the pool on vacation. We also try to go to places we know we are going to be walking a lot. I like idea of bringing the resistance bands. I have been wanting to get some of those.

    • Getting in the pool is a great idea, and I am definitely a fan of getting my walk-on while traveling. It’s such a great way to see a new city!

  3. Hi Tara, your makeup always looks so nice even when you’re working out. Would you ever do a makeup routine post?

    • Thanks, Rebecca! I will have to put some thought into a post about my makeup routine 🙂 I honestly don’t do anything crazy/fancy, but I am always willing to share!

  4. I love to take resistance bands travelling when we go any place. You can do some ‘weight’ training with them really anywhere! I also love running or walking around the area we are visiting, I think that is the best part of travelling – exploring – so why not get my workout in and explore the ‘unbeaten’ path!

    • Yes! I forgot to mention resistance bands. Such a great tool to travel with! Walking and running are always great too!! I love exploring!

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