Last night, my mini marathon training group hit the pavement to complete 5 miles.

Last week, temps were in the teens, so when we heard that the weather was about 30 degrees outside we were honestly expecting a heat wave.  It’s easy to forget how cold 30 degrees really is…especially with wind!

Well, the run was cold, but we managed to push through and finish with an 8:18 overall pace…not too shabby for my 8:30 pace group!

5 mile run

Despite the cold, the sidewalks were very clear compared to last time we did a route similar to this.

5 mile run

It also stayed light for us during the entire run!  Having the sun still shining makes a HUGE difference 🙂  Thank goodness for daylight savings time this weekend.

5 mile run

5 mile run

Home sweet home…

5 mile run

In addition to having a great run, there were a couple of other things making me happy last night.  We had a TON of leftover bananas at mini marathon training, so we were able to take a big bunch home!  Yay for bananas 🙂


And I had a lovely package waiting for me when I got home…my first jar of Nuttzo!


Nuttzo is an organic nut and seed butter made from brazil nuts, hazel nuts, chia seed, flax seed, cashews, almonds, and pumpkin seeds.  I have seen this stuff ALL OVER the blog world for what seems like years (Sprint 2 the Table, Cotter Crunch) and I finally had to cave in and try the darn nut butter.

I opted for the creamy peanut free version, and boy is that stuff good!! I just tried a little out of the jar, and now I am anxious to actually put it on and in stuff 🙂

Speaking of cooking and trying new things…this weekend I cooked steak for the second time EVER in my life in honor of Brian completing (and passing!) his clinical boards.

steak for Brian

I have never been a red meat fan, so it’s just not something I purchase or prepare…EVER, but Brian had mentioned a couple of times that he could really use a meal of meat and potatoes.  I also never make plain why (cauliflower free) mashed potatoes…so that is exactly what I made him and he loved it!

My mom and sister LOVE steak, so of course I knew they would have the perfect recipe for me.  This recipe is SO simply, SO fast, and pretty much fool proof.  It makes a medium rare steak, so if you want something a little more done you will need to adjust the cooking times.  I hope you ENJOY!

The Easiest Way to Cook a Steak

Prepares steak Medium Rare

  1. Preheat a pan to medium high heat on a burner on the stove.
  2. Preheat a baking sheet or broiling pan in the oven with the broiler on high.
  3. Season your steak (I simply used salt, pepper, and garlic)
  4. Sear your steak in the pan, 15 seconds on each side.
  5. Remove your steak from the pan and move it to the broiler.
  6. Cook for 2 minutes on each side.
  7. Serve and enjoy!!

That’s it!  Could it be any simpler?  I think not 🙂

Question of the Morning:

  • Have you ever cooked a meal for a loved one with something you don’t eat?
  • If you are a steak eater/lover, what is your favorite way to prepare steak?
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  1. I am so glad you love the Nuttzo!! My favorite is the crunchy, and I just ordered the chocolate to try.

    Steak is one of my favorite meals. I actually just cook i all the way in a grill pan. I will cook just about anything… but preparing raw chicken breast still creeps me out.

  2. Ahh thank for you a fool-proof way of cooking a steak! I’ve always been so intimidated by red meat, but my husband always asks for it too. I’ll definitely need to try this method!

  3. Yay for runs with friends! i wish I was able to run with friends a little more, but I do most of my training solo (I don’t mind that either though 🙂 )

    My other half loves mashed potato too, even though I am not the biggest fan, but I make it! I have made a few steaks, and try top get a lot of red meat because of the iron intake that I need to keep up to prevent anemia from all the pounding on the roads! You must be a natural if yours turned out so perfect first try 🙂

  4. Nutzzo is so good. If I have it, I find every reason to eat it. Thankfully, since it’s pricier, I don’t buy it often enough for it to be a problem.

    You guys are doing awesome with the training. I’m sure the clear sidewalks were nice!

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