Yesterday had me tired.  By the time it was time to actually hit the sheets, I was out like a light.

I had a pretty busy day yesterday that started bright and early as I taught my boot camp class and after a full day of work ended nice and late as I taught a Body Pump class.

While I was actually working and teaching I felt great, but the moment I would stop moving and have time to sit, I just didn’t feel too great.

Now, most days are not like yesterday, but recently I have been feeling extremely tired. 

So, instead of going to yoga this morning or trying to squeeze a long run in after work, I decided to sleep an extra hour and let my body rest.

The extra sleep felt great, but I honestly could have used even more!

As someone who loves to up and around doing things all the time, I find that I am usually cutting out sleep so that I can fit more things into my schedule.  When it comes to health, sleep is honestly one of the first places that we can start.  If we have rested a body, then we will be able to think clearer, react in a more rational way, work physically harder, have more endurance, and be able to make smarter food choices.

Thanks to my extra sleep this morning, I was able to actually make myself a hot breakfast and not eat it in the car on the way to work from the gym.  Honestly, it was a pretty nice treat.

My oat bowl this morning was filled with:

  • 2/3 cup oats
  • 2 egg whites
  • stevia
  • cinnamon
  • vanilla extract
  • water
  • topped with:  1/3 cup cherries and 2 tsp almond butter
It was delicious.  Really, just what I needed to get my day started on the right foot.
Although I am more rested than most mornings, I am still feeling pretty lethargic this morning.  Just goes to show that one good night of sleep does not make up for several nights lacking sleep.
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    • Thanks, Alex. Sometimes it is hardest to just listen to what your body is craving because it totally goes against what your mind has planned. The sleep was worth it!!

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