Hey guys!

I hope your weekend was really great 🙂  I think the theme of the weekend for Brian and I was unintentionally “relax.”  Initially, we planned on skiing on Saturday but it was just too warm, and our friend Oliver was DJing a show on Friday night.  That being said, we were out late on Friday with friends which made an early ski wakeup call out of the question!

Friday night was SO fun.  It was pretty spontaneous on my part considering when we found out about the show Brian and I were already in PJs.  We quickly tossed on some regular clothes and headed to Oliver’s show!

light show

It was so fun to see him up in the DJ stand.  Once he was done, we headed upstairs to the main event where people were giving light shows (pictured above!), break dancing, and just totally rocking out to the music.  It was pretty darn cool and impressive to watch those dancers!

Saturday morning, I got busy in the kitchen…

granola and almond milk

I made a batch of Coconut Maple Granola and Almond Milk to go with our housewarming gift for Noah and Marisa since we were headed there later that afternoon.

Once Brian woke up we both enjoyed smoothies for breakfast, put  on our running shoes and jogged a couple of miles to Lululemon for free yoga.  It was a wonderful class and a great way to start the day 🙂

lululemon yoga

After yoga, we played with Bernie a bit 🙂  (per usual…)

bernie and tara

bernie and tara

And then we headed out to Noah and Marisa’s housewarming party!

marisa and noah housewarming

Marisa did an AMAZING job on all of the appetizers.  It was so fun to try the healthy and delicious eats 🙂

My absolute FAV is pictured below…blackberry, mozzarella, and basil.  It was like a blackberry caprese.  YUm!

marisa and noah housewarming

Raspberries with a little chocolate chip, anyone?

marisa and noah housewarming

Delicious Greek yogurt veggie dip.

marisa and noah housewarming

Beautiful roasted red pepper feta dip.

marisa and noah housewarming

Blueberry chia jam with goat cheese?  Yes please!

marisa and noah housewarming

So fun!

After the housewarming party, we put our Butler gear on and headed out to the Irish Snug to watch the Butler Notre Dame game.  We had a blast watching the game.  It was very close the entire time, which really had everyone on the edge of their seats but unfortunately we lost 🙁

butler game

Sunday morning, we headed out to get Bernie’s last puppy shot.

bernie and tara

And, as a reward we got him a pup cup from Starbucks. AH! I just love watching him eat that little whipped cream.  He is so stinking cute 🙂

bernie and tara

pup cup bernie

Brian and I then headed out to get some massages…so relaxing and amazing! (see how the theme is coming into play here?  Saturday yoga, Sunday massages…)

After our massages and getting a bit of work done, I whipped up some kale salad and these carrot cake cupcakes from Detoxinista to share with everyone at Liz and Aidan’s for a little Sunday family dinner/cookout.

coconut flour carrot cake

We enjoyed homemade potato salad, kale salad, chicken, cupcakes and sangria.  What a way to top off a wonderful weekend 🙂


  • Tell me something wonderful about your weekend!
  • Did your weekend have a “theme” too?


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  1. ENVIOUS of your relaxation! I don’t feel like I have been relaxing at all, and I am starting to get REALLY, TRULY burnt out… Ugh! I need SOMETHING – jsut not quite sure WHAT!

    • Brian and I LOVE the yoga classes at Lulu. It’s a great way to get exposed to new/different local studios and it’s a fun way to start Saturday 🙂

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