Things I'm Loving April 2016 from Treble in the Kitchen

April was an AWESOME month.  While I may not have been the most social person (hello finals!) overall it was really great 🙂  Here are the highlights!

Products I am Loving:

Now Foods Avocado Oil

I have been using this mildly flavored oil in places where I typically use extra virgin olive oil just to switch things up a bit.  I even used it in pesto and the end result was fabulous! If you are looking to try something new in the kitchen, this oil is a good ingredient to experiment with!

Keds from Treble in the Kitchen

I wanted some shoes that were comfortable for walking, but also cute and versatile and these shoes are SO it! I really am in love and kind of want them in every color 🙂

NOW Foods Coconut Oil Infusions from Treble in the Kitchen

This coconut oil may sound a bit odd, but trust me when I tell you that it tastes absolutely wonderful (and I’m not a butter-lovin’ kind of gal!).  I have been using it to make homemade popcorn, and it seriously makes the stuff more irresistible than it already is.

Popcorn from Treble in the Kitchen

Workouts I’m Loving:

  • Running with Bernie (big shocker!).  We are hitting 12 miles later this morning (wish us luck!!)

Running with Bernie from Treble in the Kitchen

  • Hiking.

Hiking | Treble in the Kitchen

I had so much fun hiking when the weather was nice, and I can’t wait for it to be nice so we can do this ALL the time.

Foods I’m Loving:

  • This almond milk latte from Amante.

Almond Milk Latte from Amante | Treble in the Kitchen

Last weekend, Brian and I tried this new-to-us coffee and cocktail spot in downtown Denver and seriously loved it.  There were lots of tables for chatting, the decor was cool and comfortable, and the lattes were fantastic.

Beet Box Denver | Treble in the Kitchen

I highly recommend the brownie and Brian highly recommends the carrot cake cupcake (both were wonderful!)

Watercourse Denver

So creamy, flavorful, comforting, and tasty.  If you love curry you will love this dish.

Things I’m Loving to Read/Watch/Listen To:

  • Girl on the Train.  Brian and I finished this suspense-filled novel this month, and then we found out that it is coming to theaters as a movie in October.  Seriously, cannot wait!
  • The Last 5 Years.  In college, I was so in love with the music in this off-broadway musical (and really anything composed by Jason Robert Brown).  When I found out last year that it was being turned into a movie I couldn’t wait to see it! I took a study break to watch the movie on Netflix, and while I would still love to see the show on stage I really enjoyed watching all of the songs come to life that I have loved for so long.
  • Catch Me If You Can. Last Friday, Brian and I went to watch Heather (one of the girls in my singing group) perform in this super fun and fast-paced show.  We loved it!

Catch Me If You Can Denver

Memories and Moments I’m Loving:

Denver Dolls

We had a couple of singing gigs last month, and we have another this month.  I absolutely LOVE singing with these ladies and I am so thankful to have them as my creative outlet.

  • Brunching with Califia Farms

Brunching with Califia Farms | Treble in the Kitchen

Brunching with Califia Farms | Treble in the Kitchen

Early in April, I was invited to attend a brunch hosted by Califia Farms and the Dinner Party Association. The company wanted to introduce us to some of their new products and allow us to get to know their brand.

Brunching with Califia Farms | Treble in the Kitchen

Brunching with Califia Farms | Treble in the Kitchen

The event was beautiful, the drinks and food was absolutely delicious, and I really enjoyed meeting the people behind the brand that I spend so much “virtual” time with.

Brunching with Califia Farms | Treble in the Kitchen

Brunching with Califia Farms | Treble in the Kitchen

Brunching with Califia Farms | Treble in the Kitchen

The event was more proof to me that this company truly listens to their customers (they removed carrageenan from their products and they have come up with more no-sugar beverages!).

Brunching with Califia Farms | Treble in the Kitchen

Overall, I was really impressed but the company.

  • Finishing finals! Enough said.

Finals | Treble in the Kitchen

Photoshoot with Katie

A new friend, Katie is launching her business and is totally killing it.  I feel so lucky to have met her, to have her as someone to look up to in the industry, and to have her has a friend.

  • Brunching with old friends!

Brunch with Ishita

Before my senior year of college, I interned in Washington DC and had the best roommates ever (no joke!).  We quickly became inseparable friends and did almost everything together that summer.  One of those roommates had a long layover in Denver, so we met up for brunch!  It was so great to catch up with her after such a long time apart.

Your Turn!

  • What made your April a great month?

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  1. I’ve never used avocado oil, but I definitely want to try it! That butter infused coconut oil sounds perfect for popcorn… I am a popcorn addict!!! Looks like you had a great April! This highlight of mine was going to London with my husband!

    • It has such a mild flavor, it’s definitely worth a try!! And yes..the popcorn with butter coconut oil…addicting!! 🙂 London sounds amazing!! Can’t wait to travel abroad again!

  2. I loooove NOW’s avocado oil! I love to use it in homemade salad dressings. I also love their coconut infused oils- I love using the garlic flavor for sautéing veggies

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