Things I'm Loving August 2017

September – the first month of fall! I am totally a summer girl, but the slightly cooler mornings and dusting of leaves on the ground has me excited for pumpkin-everything season 🙂

August was FULL! I was in my community rotation and switched to my foodservice in a school system rotation, we traveled to Michigan for a family reunion, we traveled to Chicago to visit friends and to see Hamilton, we started remodeling our kitchen…it’s been a full but fun month.

Check out the highlight reel.

Foods I am Loving:

Things I'm Loving August 2017

I’ve made my own macadamia nut milk, but I hadn’t tried any pre-made before and this stuff is so GOOD! It’s subtly sweet (although unsweetened) and a great addition to cold brew or smoothies or anywhere else you would want to use milk.

Things I'm loving August 2017

As soon as I saw this recipe I immediately pinned it to make that weekend.  I was able to use zucchini, tomatoes and basil from my garden in this one! The polenta is so creamy and Brian commented that the dish was restaurant quality.  Thanks, Alex for a fantastic dish!

  • Fresh garden produce

Things I'm Loving August 2017

This is the set up of a tasty slow cooker ratatouille I was re-shooting to share with you all…but I just have to share it here because ALL of those tomatoes and that zucchini are from my garden.  I’m still in disbelief.

I had so many tomatoes, I actually had enough to make a jar of tomato sauce. (which I canned!)

Things I'm Loving August 2017

Workouts I am Loving:

  • Long runs!

I am back in the half marathon training mode again as I prepare for the Monumental Half Marathon in November.

I love that race course because it hits so many Indianapolis hot spots, and after being away for a few years it will be great to visit some of those places on foot in this race!

Things I'm Loving August 2017

If you are new to the blog, you may not know about my love for Pure Barre because I have been doing other things for my workouts recently but last summer Pure Barre was my jam! I absolutely love that style of class.  Pure Barre just released a brand new class called Pure Empower, which is more of a high energy, cardio class with some of the small toning Pure Barre movements mixed in.

The class utilizes weights strapped to ankles (only for one song), strapped to wrists (again only for a song or two), light weights and a platform.  I loved the class and think it’s a great mix-up from the typical Pure Barre workout.  Can’t wait to try it again!

Moments I am Loving:

  • The Indiana State Fair

Things I'm Loving August 2017

Brian and I attended the fair for the first time together (it was Brian’s first time ever!) and had a blast sipping on milk shakes, checking out the animals, and learning from the many many exhibits.

Things I'm Loving August 2017

  • Our Family Reunion

Things I'm Loving August 2017

Every two years, our family gets together in Cadillac, MI for a family reunion with many of our extended family members.  For the first time in several years, me and all of my siblings were able to attend which made this reunion SO fun!  It was great to catch up with everyone and spend time in beautiful Michigan 🙂

And…I got to meet my sister’s new puppy Aussie Doodle!! (australian shepherd/poodle)

Things I'm Loving August 2017

Things I'm Loving August 2017

  • Chicago Weekend and Hamilton

Things I'm Loving August 2017

Brian turned 30 in May, and my gift to him was tickets to Hamilton in Chicago.  We took full advantage of the weekend and spent time with some of our friends from college.  We explored roof top bars, took a boat tour of the city, brunched and walked all over.  It’s been a while since Brian and I have traveled to Chicago, so it was really fun to be in the bustle of the city!

Things I'm Loving August 2017

  • My community rotation

Things I'm Loving August 2017

I wrapped up the first round of my community rotation in August, but had a blast throughout the entire thing.  I was able to participate in community education, grant writing, visiting urban farms, educating about reducing food waste, and developing an educational component of my own.  It was a great first round, and I’m excited that I get to go back two more times!

  • Starting my Foodservice School Rotation

Things I'm Loving August 2017

Last week, I started my rotation in school foodservice.  I honestly had zero expectations walking in, but I am continuously impressed by the beautiful presentation of the school lunch, the wide variety of options for the kids, and the way that my preceptors are working to make improvements.  I’m looking forward to learning even more!

  • Visiting the Fort Wayne Zoo

Things I'm Loving August 2017

A couple of weeks ago Brenna flew into Indy from Denver and we drove up to Fort Wayne to surprise my mom and celebrate her birthday.  We spent time walking around the zoo, grilling and hanging out with all of our pups in my parent’s backyard.  It was another really great family weekend.

  • Our Kitchen Remodel

Things I'm Loving August 2017

The first week in August a wall in our kitchen was taken out.

Things I'm Loving August 2017

Since then, many other changes have happened and we are getting close to the tail end.  It’s exciting, but I’ll be honest in saying I am so ready for our house to be back in working order!!

Slow Cooker Green Chile

Things I'm Loving August 2017

Green Banana Flour Pancakes

Things I'm Loving August 2017

I absolutely LOVE seeing what you guys make 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing!

That’s all I have for the month of August.  Hoping yours was FANTASTIC and wishing you a happy September and Labor Day weekend!

Your Turn:

  • Share something from your month of August in the comments section.
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