Every September 11, I am reminded of the great tragedy that occurred in 2001.  I couldn’t share today’s post without sharing a soft reminder to take a moment to reflect on what is important to you today.

Things I'm Loving August 2018

This month, I became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, started working as the Dietitian for Butler University, started partnerships with local a organization as part of my own business, hired a photographer, and started working on rebranding and redeveloping my site (this site!).  And that’s just the stuff that has to do with me!

Brian and I have been able to enjoy Friday’s off together (literally a dream come true), our home renovation project (updates weekly on instagram!), time with family (my parents spent the weekend with us a couple of weeks ago), and really just soak up life.  It’s been really good 🙂

Here are some highlights from the month…and please share yours in the comments section below!

Food I am Loving:

Ripple Milk

Things I'm Loving September 2018 - Ripple Milk

I recently started drinking this Ripple Milk, a milk made from pea protein, and I really love it!  It is a nice change from my typical almond milk and has a higher protein content.  I’ve found it at more “health focused” grocery stores and Whole Foods, and they have a store locator on their site so you can find where it is sold close to you!

*Pea milk has not been tested for FODMAP content. Peas are higher in FODMAPs, but this is made from the pea PROTEIN and FODMAPs are carbohydrates – so I am thinking it is ok.  Always make sure to listen to your body and consume what makes you feel your best!

Lunch at the Lemon Bar in Zionsville

The Lemon Bar

This adorable restaurant was popping up all over my social media feeds, so the day after I passed my RD exam Brian and I spent the afternoon exploring the quaint town of Zionsville and eating at The Lemon Bar.  The food was delish (I got the smoked salmon bowl), the service was friendly and prompt and the restaurant just had such a good vibe.

Veggies from the Garden

This year, my zucchini did not do as well as I had hoped but I am STILL eating cucumbers and finally pulling some delicious juice tomatoes off the vine 🙂 This is one of my favorite parts of summer.

First Friday on the Farm

Patachou First Friday on the Farm

At the start of August, Brian and I attended a fundraising event for a local nonprofit organization that provides nutritious, made-from-scratch meals for children in need while also providing culinary and nutrition education.  This organization has a special place in my heart 🙂

The Patachou Foundation has a microfarm on the Monon biking trail that is not too far from our house, which is where the event was held.  The evening was filled with education for the attendees about the farm and the organization as well as fresh, vibrant food and drinks with ingredients from the farm and other local producers.  If you are in Indy – we absolutely recommend attending!

Workouts I am Loving:

Completing my first triathlon with Brian

Things I'm Loving August 2018 - Eagle Creek Sprint Triathlon 2018

Brian and I biked, swam and ran all summer long in preparation for the Eagle Creek Sprint Triathlon and had SO much fun!  Brian wanted to try completing a triathlon, so I worked with a friend and came up with our training plan so that we were prepared the day of the event.  Despite the fact that swimming in a pool is MUCH different than swimming in open water, the race was a blast and we can’t wait to train for another triathlon next year!

Things I'm Loving August 2018 - Eagle Creek Sprint Triathlon 2018

Moments I am Loving:

Teaching my first cooking class

A week after passing my exam, I taught my first cooking class “Grilling with Herbs” at our friend’s shop, Dammann’s Garden Company.  The weather was windy and rainy, but thankfully there was a structure for us to hold the class under, so honestly the inclement weather really didn’t bother us much!  We really had a ton of fun putting the class together and I received lots of positive feedback!  Believe it or not, we also don’t really have any pictures of the class either! I guess we were too busy cooking.

The Indiana State Fair

Indiana State Fair 2018

My mom and dad came to visit for a weekend to celebrate Mom’s birthday and me passing my exam.  We spent the day at the Indiana State Fair, then cooked dinner with some fresh ingredients I picked up at the farmer’s market earlier that morning.  It was literally the perfect weekend 🙂

Spending Time on our friend’s lake

Cordry Lake

After the my RD exam, the next day Brian and I completed our triathlon…to say I was on an adrenaline rush and in need of relaxation was an understatement!  We had a blast at our friend’s lake house floating in the water, swimming with the pups, and playing fetch with our dogs in the water.  They seriously are water dogs.

Passing my RD exam!

Last but not least…passing my RD exam 🙂

Some outtakes of me trying to get the perfect “I PASSED!” face 🙂

Passing the RD Exam

Your Turn:

  • Share some highlights from your month in the comment section!

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  1. CONGRATS to so many great things these past few weeks! Glad that you all are able to soak up and recognize the good times 🙂

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