Highlights from my January including favorite memories, products, and things we did.

Things I'm Loving January 2019

We have the first month of the year under our belts (yay!), and I hope it was a great one for you!!

Recently, I haven’t written many “things I’m loving” posts, but based on your feedback you like these posts! They are making a comeback in 2019.

This month was filled with getting back into the swing of things after an extended holiday break, tracking progress on our home renovation, and a bit of travel.

Here are some highlights from my January:

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Things I’m Loving

Tocca Perfume

Things I'm Loving January 2019

When visiting Waco (home of all things Chip and Joanna Gaines!) back in December, I was introduced to the Tocca Florence perfume scent and I literally couldn’t stop thinking about it or talking about it! Apparently, it is one of Joanna’s favorites so they sell it at the Magnolia Silos.  The scent is clean, fresh, slightly floral and dare I say yummy? When I wear it I receive compliments ALL the time.  Seriously obsessed.

Lola Feminine Products

Things I'm Loving January 2019

Have you heard of LOLA?

I was introduced to them a few years ago while we were living in Denver through a blogging campaign and have been using their products ever since! They use 100$ organic cotton, are fragrance , synthetic, and dye free.  I don’t what should or shouldn’t be in a feminine product (not my expertise) BUT I love the transparency of the brand AND I love that they are automatically delivered (in the frequency and amount I choose) to my house for less than $20.  Thank you convenience factor!

If you are trying LOLA for the first time, you can get 15% off your order with the code FIRST15.

Visiting Denver

Things I'm Loving January 2019

Brian and I had a blast spending a weekend in Denver pretending like we lived there again.  We had so much fun, we took like ZERO pictures.  How weird! If you are visiting Denver and looking for some fun things to do, you should check out my list of My Favorite Things to do in Denver :)

Dog Social at Purpose Driven K9

Brian, Bernie, Rooney and I are pretty much obsessed with our dog trainer, Margaret.  If you are local to Indianapolis, we can’t recommend her highly enough!

She has recently opened up a new training facility, and since the weather has been SO crazy here in Indiana (like downpour of rain or zero degrees) we are in need of dog activities that aren’t affected by the weather.  Since we have gone through her training course with our pups, we can attend the “dog social” at the end of her classes and seriously it is the cutest thing ever.  We walk around in a circle (sounds weird, but it’s not that weird once you do it) and watch our dogs socialize with other dogs…they LOVE it.  This may sound kind of silly, but if you are a dog owner, I think you’ll understand 😉

Progress on the House


Things I'm Loving January 2019

First floor half bath

Things I'm Loving January 2019

Fireplace in living room

Things I'm Loving January 2019

Basement full bath/laundry room

Things I'm Loving January 2019

Stairs to outside from dining room

Things I'm Loving January 2019

We sold our first home back in November and have been living with Brian’s parents while our soon-to-be new house is completed.  While we are SO anxious to get all moved in, seeing the progress and our vision come to life is SO amazing.  We can’t wait to see the completely finished product!

eSale Rugs

Brian and I joke that we are mirror and rug obsessed.  The number of rugs and mirrors that we have for this house that we don’t currently live in is a little insane.  Our most recent purchase is the cutie above from the site esalerugs.com.  I found this site on Instagram and instantly fell in love with their vintage rug collection.  I highly recommend checking them out, even if it’s just for inspiration! Also, the prices are pretty affordable compared to a lot of other options.

Vera Bradley Packable Duffle Travel Bag

Things I'm Loving January 2019

These past few months and this year are kind of like “the time of travel” for Brian and I.  We have just been saying yes to lots of travel opportunities, and are soaking up this time when we CAN travel a lot 🙂

One of my most recent travel purchases was this packable travel duffle.  It doesn’t take much space, and it unfolds into a pretty reasonable sized bag! I love taking this with me when I know I’m going to do a little shopping and may have a few extra items to bring home.  Also, because it doesn’t take up much space it’s good to bring “just in case.”

Chemistry of Calm Book

Things I'm Loving January 2019

I’ll admit that I am the world’s slowest reader simply because I don’t take the time to sit down and read! That being said, I’m working on creating an evening reading habit and The Chemistry of Calm has been helping me do it! It’s a book that dives into the science in our body and brain to help us understand anxiety and emotion from an internal level.  It’s super interesting, and I recommend it to anyone who is more curious about anxiety, mental health, and emotions.

Hiking with the Pups

Things I'm Loving January 2019

Our friends introduced us to a park (Southwestway Park) that is only about a 30 minute drive from where we are right now and we love it! There are quite a few trails, and not too many people so it’s great to hike around and see the dogs have so much fun exploring.

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