Things I'm Loving May from Treble in the Kitchen

May was a month full of fun visitors, travel, running, and being outside.  I loved it!! Here are my highlights from the month 🙂

Products and Services I’m Loving

Firmoo Sunglasses

I have worked with Firmoo in the past when I needed a new pair of prescription glasses.  The frames have held up well and I really like the look, so when they asked if I wanted a pair of sunglasses for summer…I immediately hopped on board!  I really love the style of these aviator sunglasses and they are perfect for the bright Colorado sun.

Sarcastic Nutritionist T-Shirt

Yes, this is me being a total nutrition nerd! I found the Sarcastic Nutritionist on instagram and LOVE so many of her punny products.  If you have a friend that is also a nutrition geek, I definitely recommend checking out her swag because it is sure to make any nutrition geek giggle 😉

The Hive on 16th from Treble in the Kitchen

Have you guys ever used a co-working space?  I recently used the natural light photo studio at The Hive on 16th here in Denver and really LOVED it!  This particular co-working space is really geared toward bloggers, photographers, and creative people.  There are desk spaces to rent, conference rooms to reserve, and a photo studio (which is what I took advantage of).  The owner, Jessie, is so friendly and warm.  I definitely recommend this co-working space to anyone who is in a creative line of work that is looking for a space so they can get out of the house and collaborate with others in.

Mascara from Treble in the Kitchen

As I’m writing this, I realize I probably should have taken a photo of my eyelashes so instead you have to trust me on this one.  This mascara is amazing!! It really lengthens the lashes and lasts forever.  The only downfall is that it really takes a bit of work and an oil-based cleanser (or coconut oil) to get it off.  Despite the difficult removal process, I love the length it adds to my lashes!

Workouts I’m Loving

Denver Colfax Half Marathon | Treble in the Kitchen

Earlier this month, I ran the Colfax Half Marathon and had a blast!! You can read more about the race and training updates here.

Bolder Boulder 10K 2016

Brian and I ran our second Bolder Boulder 10k and had an absolute blast.  You can check out our race recap for details!

Foods I’m Loving:

ProsperOats Denver

This place is like bowl heaven.  They have sweet or savory bowls of oats or oats and quinoa and they also serve acai bowls.  All of the toppings look 100% delicious, and after loving my sweet bowl and having a taste of Brian’s fantastic savory bowl I can’t wait to go back!

ProsperOats Denver

Bailey's Almande

Baileys now has an almond milk based beverage that is absolutely delicious!! It is lower in calories and a bit lighter than the traditional stuff, but still tastes amazing.  I was invited to an event to try the delicious libation where I sampled it in a banana smoothie topped with all the beautiful fruity toppings.  Yum!

Bailey's Almande

Personal Favorites:

  • Peony season

Peony from Treble in the Kitchen

Guys…peonies are my absolute favorite.  Over the past couple of weeks, Trader Joe’s has had peonies for sale and I am SO loving it.  These flowers only bloom for a few weeks throughout the year, so I am happy hat I was able to get a couple of bouquets for home.

  • My balcony garden

Balcony Garden

Balcony Garden

Balcony Garden

This year, I made sure to plant my garden early (but not too early).  I planted tuscan kale, romaine, rosemary, chives, thyme, basil, oregano, and flowers.  Everything is looking great and I have been able to enjoy some romaine in my salads and fresh herbs.  It’s so fun having a garden that is actually growing (ha!).

San Francisco

Earlier this month, Brian and I traveled to San Francisco and had the time of our lives touring the city with Marisa and Noah.  I wrote an entire blog post about what to see, do, and eat in this wonderful city.

  • Kate and Maureen visiting

Infinite Monkey Theorem

Brian’s mom and our good friend Maureen visited at the beginning of the month.  We LOVE having visitors, so we made sure to visit various spots around the city (some new to us and some old favorites).  Thanks for visiting, Kate and Maureen 🙂

And that was my highlight reel from May!!

Your Turn:

  • Share some highlights from your month of May!
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  1. Love these types of posts! I am so impressed with your balcony garden. I can’t see to keep anything alive! I love that Kale shirt so I will definitely be checking out that instagram!

    • Thanks, Sonali! LOVE the kale shirt too. And yes, the Baileys Almande is so good!! Let me know what store you find it at!

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