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Happy Fall, friends!

I rang in the new month with a beautiful hike among golden aspen trees.  What more is there? It seems that while September went by much too fast, it was full of time with friends, time in the mountains, and a wonderful close on the last days of summer.

Let’s check out the highlight reel!

Products I am Loving:

Now Foods Sprouting Jar

In partnership with Now Foods, I received the supplies to grow my own sprouts at home.  I’ve grown alfalfa sprouts and mung bean sprouts, and while they are both wonderful additions to salads, wraps, and eggs I made the mistake of making both types of sprouts at the same time…that’s a lot of sprouts! Anyways, the process only took about 5 days and was really fun to watch.  (Not to mention, the end result is a ton of nutrient dense sprouts to add to everything!)

(different than what is pictured)

Suja Probiotic Water

A couple of weeks ago, Suja sent me a ton of juice and probiotic waters to sample to celebrate the start of a Suja team in Denver.  I tried several of the juices and while I think they juices are tasty they just aren’t something I see myself drinking on a regular basis.  Now something I WILL drink in my regular life?  Probiotic waters! They have minimal ingredients, about 1 gram of sugar, and 5-10 calories.  The flavor is very light and hardly sweet, so they are perfect for when you are thirsty but want a little something more than water.

Novo Soft Tissue and Spine

I mentioned Novo Soft Tissue last month, but I HAVE to mention them again!  The race I have been training for all summer is this upcoming weekend, October 9.  I’ve continued to focus on keeping my muscles healthy by stretching, foam rolling, and visiting the chiropractor.  Thanks so much for helping me keep my muscles ready to run, Novo Soft Tissue!

Workouts I am Loving:

  • Running

Tara and Bernie run

So much running! Like I mentioned, my race is October 9 so this is my last week of training before the race and I’m taking it easy.  Bernie has been a stellar partner completing my long runs with me, and my friend John has really helped me improve my speed 🙂 Let’s hope for a good race time now!

  • Hiking (we climbed another 14er!)

Hiking Mt. Democrat Treble in the Kitchen

Twin Sisters Hike

Brian and I were able to fit a few hikes in this month, and we even included another 14er! (Mt. Democrat!)

Summer hiking is great, but there is something special about fall hiking.  Layering up, the crisp air, the colorful trees…it’s all amazing and I am so happy that we were able to participate!

Tips for Your First Pure Barre Platform Class from Treble in the Kitchen

I’m still loving Pure Barre thanks to my Red Card membership, and I’ve squeezed a few Platform classes in too! Platform is the new cardio-based class offered at Pure Barre.  I love that it’s challenging every time and slightly different than a traditional Pure Barre class.  You can read more about the class here.

Moments I am Loving:

  • A weekend in Crested Butte

Camping in Crested Butte, CO

Camping in Crested Butte, CO

At the beginning of September, Brian and I spent the weekend camping in Crested Butte with several of our friends.  Despite the constant rain and the fact that we had to hang out in restaurants and shops in the town the entire time due to said rain, we had an absolute blast.  🙂  The company made up for the wet weather.

  • Dog sitting


We spent one weekend of September dog sitting Bernie’s half vizsla half lab friend, Gal.  It’s so fun having two of them around, and while Gal doesn’t love to play as much as Bernie she definitely gives him a run for his money when she decides she is in the mood.

  • Ben Sollee and Leon Bridges Concert

Denver Concerts

This month, Brian and I went to TWO concerts that were totally out of the element for us.  While we love music, our default is usually Top 40 or Broadway (Hamilton soundtrack anyone?).  All it takes is for a friend to suggest something another type of music and we usually fall in love with it, which was the case with Leon Bridges and Ben Sollee. Both were so fun and the music was fantastic! 🙂

  • Estes Park Wedding (Congrats Steph and Drake!)

Wedding in Estes Park Colorado

Last weekend, Brian and I were with our friends in Estes Park celebrating Stephanie and Drake’s wedding.  The weather was exactly how you picture the most dreamy fall day…cool, sunny, vibrant leaves…yep they had it all.  It was so fun to spend the weekend in the mountains to celebrate with so many friends.

Foods I am Loving:

live kombucha

I mentioned this kombucha earlier in the month because it literally tastes like Dr. Pepper.  If you have a soda craving, try this kombucha.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Golden Milk

Sprouts Farmers Market hosted an event all about the benefits of turmeric and shared this wonderful Golden Milk with us.  It’s a blend of turmeric, dates, cardamom, ashwagandha, vanilla bean and black pepper that you make into a creamy chai tea-like beverage.  I have been making mine with coconut oil and almond milk rather than the suggested ghee and 2% milk, and Brian loves it.  It’s the perfect before bed relaxation drink.

Biju's Little Curry Shop

This restaurant has been on our radar of “places to try in Denver” for quite some time, and this month we finally got around to it…twice! The menu is limited to rice bowls of curry-inspired dishes (meat and meatless options).  It’s kind of similar to chipotle where you order the meal and then get to watch them add all the toppings making a few requests as necessary.  The bowls are delicious and HUGE, so Brian and I are just fine sharing one bowl 🙂

leaf restaurant boulder

This was another restaurant on our must-try list, and we went for happy hour a couple of weeks ago.  At first, I was a little disappointed that we only had the happy hour menu to choose from but in retrospect I am so happy that we had to order small plates.  This allowed us to try a few bites of a lot of different dishes (that were all fantastic!).  My favorite was the sushi salad with the roasted corn gnocchi in a close second.

  • Smoothie bowls

smoothie bowl

Basically, if there is no snow on the ground my blender will still be running 🙂

Your Turn:

  • Denver friends! What restaurants are on your must-list?
  • What is on your favorites list for September?

Disclosure:  My “Things I’m Loving”  posts are never sponsored, but may contain an affiliate link here and there.  I get sent a lot of free products to try, so some of the items featured have been gifted to me.  I am not required to (or being paid to) feature these products.  I’m only sharing the things I truly love and I think you will love too!

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  1. Reading your blog always makes me feel like I should really up my hiking game 🙂 LOVE Biju’s and the Bluebird (I was there last night, actually!) and if you haven’t been, I recommend Brider. I’m so into that place right now. They do a big salad like nobody’s business.

  2. That’s so cool that you’re growing your own sprouts at home! :D! I need to look into that! 😛

    That golden milk sounds amazing, and hooray for smoothie bowls and hiking! <3

    • The black dog is our neighbor and one of our best friend’s dog. He is like Bernie’s bff and they do everything together 🙂

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