I woke up this morning with a sore butt and thighs.  The Jeanette Jenkins video that I did yesterday was called Booty Boot Camp, but while I was doing it I didn’t expect myself to be sore the next day….I guess I was wrong.  I always love the feeling of being sore the day after a new workout because it really feels like I worked myself hard!


Still, being sore is no excuse to skip a workout so I found a new video to do today.  I found a 20 minute Active Sculpting video on the Exercise TV web site for free.  Before completing a video I completed the following:

  • 20 Burpees (example here)
  • 20 lunge blasts (do a lunge then switch legs back and forth three times then lunge again)
  • 20 side by side shuffles touching the ground before switching to the next side
  • 30 reverse crunches
I didn’t even take the time to shower or change my clothes before making breakfast.  I made myself a coffee smoothie to supercharge me through my to-do list today.
The smoothie included bananas, spinach, coffee, and cocoa powder 🙂
The big TO-DO on my to-do list today is my packing dry run.  On October 22, I am flying to London to begin training to be a Fitness Director on board a cruise line for just under a year.  It will be an amazing opportunity and I am so excited to finally begin.  The negative??
I can basically bring one suitcase.  I have a hard time bringing one suitcase when I go home for the weekend.  Now, the bag is very large, but packing is always such a daunting task.  This dry run will be good though because I usually wait until the very last minute to pack and end up forgetting something, hopefully this will totally eliminate the stress of packing 🙂
Does anyone have any tips about packing the most items in a minimal amount of space??

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