It’s time.

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My half marathon will be here in 15 days, and I have one long run left to go. 

I have a habit of psyching myself out before these long runs, which is why it’s best for me to do them first thing in the morning.  When I complete the runs in the morning, there is no time for me to talk myself out of it!  There is no time for me to worry about that phantom “pain” in my stomach, whether I have been sitting down for too long, or if I need to eat a snack or not.  I just do it!

In preparation for my long run, I have compiled a list of blog posts from around the web that outline various ways to tackle your long run.

long run tips

Olive to Run:  Best Mental Trick Ever

long run tips olive to run

Katy Widrick:  5 Ways to Survive Long Runs

katy widrick long run tips

Tina Haupert:  5 Mental Tricks for Tackling Your Long Run

tackling long run carrots n cake

Run Eat Repeat:  10 Tips to Survive Your Long Run

run eat repeat long run tips

So there ya have it friends!!

So many great tips…now there are NO EXCUSES for me not to complete this final long run on Sunday!

Question of the Morning:

  • How do you get through a long run or a mentally difficult workout?

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