While nannying, the kids and I decided it would be a great day to see the new Harry Potter movie.  Although I went to the midnight showing, I have serious issues with falling asleep during just about any movie I watch if it is turned on after 9pm.  It’s ok, my mom, sister, and me are all like this…what a fun crowd to take to the movies!! 😉

So, I really didn’t remember much of the movie at all and thoroughly enjoyed watching it again today.  I didn’t read all of the books, but I found it very easy to follow and engaging all the same.



After nannying I had to teach Core Intensity today.  I got to the gym a little bit early so I hopped on the elliptical for 25 minutes.  I know that earlier I said I was planning on running tonight right before dark, but that is just crazy for me.  I am not a night time runner/worker outer, I still had a linger of a headache, I was starving and knew that I wouldn’t want a meal weighing me down during a run….so basically all of the signs were pointing to another mode of cardio and putting off my 4 miles until tomorrow morning.

Class looked a little something like this:

Benches with 2 stacks on each side, 8 lb wt, set of 5 lb 


  • Running in place
  • Pendulum 25 reps (start with just feet, add arms for intensity)

Abs on bench (8 minutes)

  • 15 slow controlled crunches (with weight)
  • 15 crunches with feet in table top (weight if wanted)
  • 15 double leg switch
  • 15 crunches with legs straight up
  • 15 sets of bicycle crunches

Back and arms on bench

  • Swimmer on bench 15 on each side
  • Pullover with one 8 lb wt with back on bench 15 reps
  • Push ups with hands on bench 15
  • Rows with one leg on bench 15 reps (5 lb)
  • Back flies with tap 25 (5 lb)

Hips and Butt on bench and floor

  • Squat with 1 leg on bench and one leg to side (squat 2, 3 and lift leg that is on bench) 15
  • Switch sides
  • Reverse Lunge with Shoulder Circle 15 each side (5 lb)
  • Plie Squat with triceps press 25 reps (8 lb)
  • Plie Squat on balls of feet 25 reps with wt at chest (8 lb)
We worked our triceps a lot in Pilates last night so, I could definitely feel the burn during class but it was great 🙂  I then headed back upstairs and did another 25 minutes on the elliptical.  Then, it was time for dinna’.
I wanted something light and refreshing, and since it is grocery week meaning things are getting a little sparse I had to work with what I had.  I then created:
Quinoa Tofu Salad
  • 2 servings of quinoa
  • 1/2 peeled cucumber
  • 1/2 med to large tomato
  • 2 Tbsp lemon juice
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • sriracha to taste
  • 1 Tbsp dried parsley
  • 1/2 block of prepared tofu
Cook the quinoa according to package directions.  While the quinoa is cooking, chop the onion, tomato, tofu, and garlic and toss into a medium sized bowl.  Then add lemon juice, olive oil, and spices according to taste and mix it all together.  Once the quinoa is finished, mix with all of the fresh ingredients.  Place in the freezer to chill for about 10 minutes.  Serve cold and enjoy!
Makes 2 servings
Calories: 243g  Fat: 8.8g  Carbohydrates: 37g  Fiber: 4.8 g  Protein:  13g
This meal was seriously refreshing.  Brian thought it would be a good idea to make and take this dish to a barbeque or a friends house for a carry-in type of event.  We both vote this meal as a winner.
I honestly have never cooked with tofu before.  Sure I have no problem ordering it at a restaurant or eating what others have prepared, but this is my first recipe with tofu.  I was a little nervous about what Brian would think about the taste and texture, but he loved it! (whew!!)  I guess I will be incorporating more tofu into my diet 🙂


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