As many of you know, if there is a deal, bargain, or free gift to be found I am usually jumping at the chance to get my hands on it.  There is something about finding a good deal or winning a prize that truly is satisfying to me.

The company Red Gold caught on to my love for a good deal as well as cooking and experimenting in the kitchen and reached out to me about a special promotion they have going on that starts TODAY!  Tuttorosso Tomatoes are part of the Red Gold family and the promotion is being promoted through the Tuttorosso facebook page.


These tomatoes are unique because the home of Red Gold is right here in Indiana!  Red Gold has been around since the 1940s and has put much of their focus into locally growing tomatoes in the Midwestern states of Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.  Although the Midwest often suffers harsh winters and experiences all of the seasons throughout the year, it has great growing conditions for tomatoes.  The summer provides the perfect temperature and sun light, while the winter breaks up the soil for the tiny root systems of the tomato plant.

My tomato harvest for the year…

Now, you are probably wondering about that promotion…

Tuttorosso is giving away premium prizes from today, November 8, all the way until December 22.  They will be giving away different prizes every single day.  Some of the prizes are Rachael Ray stock pots, Wusthof knives, and a Good Grips garlic press…just to name a few 😉

In order to participate, you simply have to go to the Tuttorosso facebook page to find out the prize for that particular day.  If you like their page, then you will receive updates in your newsfeed as to what the prizes are.

On “Tuttorosso Tuesdays and Thursdays” a gift basket of Tuttorosso tomatoes will be given away.

Here is where it gets good.

Tuttorosso and Red Gold have been generous enough to provide me with my very own sample pack of tomatoes, so that I can see just how great they really are.  They have also provided me with a sample pack of tomatoes for one Treble in the Kitchen reader to receive to experiment with in his or her very own kitchen!

All you have to do is:

*Please comment below telling me what you did to enter in separate comments!

You can do one, or you can do all three, but the more times you enter the more likely you will win!

The contest will close on Thursday, November 15.  Good luck!

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