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Indianapolis Bloggers

Yesterday, I was invited to join a group called Indianapolis Bloggers.  Indianapolis Bloggers is a community of all kinds of local bloggers living in the Indianapolis area.  Being apart of this community will allow me to connect with other bloggers in my area, and it will give me the opportunity to promote various events and happenings in the Indy area in addition to earning some free swag occasionally.  Needless to say, I am very excited to be apart of this great community and can’t wait to see what opportunities come my way.

Office Arm Challenge

Yesterday, while glancing at the Twitter app on my phone, I saw that Brittany at Eating Bird Food posted a link to something she started called the Office Arm Challenge.

Like many others, I work in an office where I am sitting down for most of the day and really only take breaks to get water several times a day and go to the bathroom.  Not exactly what one could call physically demanding.  When I saw this challenge idea I thought that it was perfect for my office!  I recruited one co-worker to try this first week with me.  Maybe next week we will have more!

Tricep dips

Basically, we will be taking a 10-15 minute break once a day to do something great for our body and minds.  Seriously, I felt so much more awake and motivated to finish the day strong after completing the short workout stint.

Brittany started this with one of her co-workers so that their arms look amazing in their wedding dresses next year…so even though this is a great way to get my body movin’ during an otherwise idle business day, I don’t mind the fact that my arms will get a tad more toned while completing the challenge!

A dress is not an excuse to wimp out on push-ups

Upper Body Workout

And in the spirit of toning my arms, after my teaching my spinning class this morning I decided to complete this upper body circuit!  Get ready to feel the burn 😉

Question of the Day:

  • If you sit at a desk most of the day, what do you do to break up your day and move around?

Instead of getting water out of the fountain just outside the office door, I walk to the other end of the building to fill my bottle with the cold filtered water 🙂  And now I do the Office Arm Challenge!  Thanks Brittany!

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  1. Office jobs can definitely be rough! My current client has a Crossfit class during lunch, so I’ve started doing that and then eating lunch during afternoon meetings instead. It feels SO great to be active during the day!!!

    Other things I’ve tried include always taking the stairs (works great if you’re in a building of 5-10 stories), doing a set of airsquats every time you’re in the bathroom, and even doing incline pushups at my desk 🙂

  2. Love this workout! And It is so great to find ways to move and stay active even if you are working at a desk all day! So important! And wearing a dress is def no excuse not to bust out some push ups!!

  3. Before moving out here, I had an office job. Every hour I would get up and just walk around the office for a short amount of time. It always gave me a little burst of much needed energy 🙂

  4. I have an office job too and HATE sitting all day! When I first graduated and began working 9-5 I had hip pain from sitting so long.

    When my office suites are empty I try and do chair dips or something of the sort, I definately might get some weird looks hehe.

    (I tried asking for a standing desk, didn’t work)

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