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Training for my half marathon on November 2 is moving right along.

This past Sunday, I completed my longest run since the Mini Marathon 4 months ago…I can’t believe it has been that long!

8 miles:

run garmin

Or was it 6?


Apparently, I don’t know how to count with my fingers…it was 8!


The run felt good, but I am finding that when I try to start a run slower it feels as if it takes more work to speed up to my desired pace, and I usually can’t get to my desired pace.  Frustrating!

Yesterday, I completed my run on the treadmill and had no problem sustaining a 7:50 pace for 2 miles…so I know I can get my legs moving quick enough I think I just have to start out strong right off the bat.

Another thing that may not be helping is doing Bodypump the day before a long run.  I have been maintaining the weight on my bar and not increasing, but my legs are still feeling pretty fatigued from running and pumping often.

Yoga last week helped a TON, so I am looking forward to attending another yoga class today.  What I need to focus a bit more on is foam rolling…I just need to do 5-10 minutes before bed to get any last kinks out, but lately that has not been happening.

Here are my goals for this upcoming week:

  • Foam roll 5-10 minutes before bed each night
  • Start of strong in my running, then slow my speed down towards the end of the run

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