What an evening!

Last night, Brian and I had the tasting to select the food that we will serve at our wedding at the Sheraton City Centre in downtown Indianapolis.

We decided to truly make this a family affair, so we brought along Brian’s mom and dad (I only got a picture of Dad!)

Brian and greg tastingAnd my mom was able to make the trip down from For Wayne for the tasting.

mom and tara tasting

First up were the salads.  We all loved the dinner salad option which contained candied pecans (my favorite!), mandarine oranges, onion, tomatoes, and the real star…goat cheese.  All of these flavors combined made for an amazing meal starter.

dinner salad tastingThen, we sampled some entree salads for the rehearsal dinner.

Salmon Wedge Salad…this was by far my favorite!

salmon wedge tastingFollowed by Chicken Caesar Salad.

chicken caesar salad tastingAs we were eating the salads, we realized that we probably shouldn’t clean our plates because we saw that there were several plates of food being brought out…

wedding tastingThe server brought out a full meal of each of the items that we had requested to sample.  The chef came out and spoke to us about each of the dishes, and then we basically passed each of the meals around family style so that we could try a little bit of everything.

wedding tasting

wedding tasting

wedding tasting

wedding tasting

wedding tasting

wedding tasting

wedding tasting

All of the meals were delicious, but it was very easy to narrow our options down to a vegetarian dish, salmon dish, and a chicken dish for the reception.  For the rehearsal dinner meal, which will be at the restaurant inside the hotel, we were able to pick a small selection of items to create a limited menu for our guests.

Even though we had to make selections, we really did enjoy all of our food!

wedding tasting


I can’t believe that the wedding is just three and a half months away!  Boy, there is so much to do!

Hope you have a happy Friday!

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