Brian and I have been doing a great job at sticking to our 6 weeks to 6 miles training program.

According to the schedule, Mondays mean a 3 mile run, so as soon as I got home from work last night Brian and I geared up and got read to run.

tara runWhat a ham…

brian runBrian and I are both slightly competitive, so whenever I would feel Brian start to push the pace and possibly start to run ahead of me…I would just speed up!  This led to a nice quick average pace of 8:37/mile for our little run.  The weather was sunny and the perfect temperature, so overall the run just felt GOOD!

3 mile run garminOf course, we were both starving by the time we got home, so I whipped up my recent go-to meal:

A giant Mexican style salad.

Last night’s salad was a bed of romaine and spinach topped with salsa, baked cod, guacamole, black olives, corn, and onion.  It was tasty to say the least!  Even though we eat this meal ALL. THE. TIME.  I don’t think it will ever get old for either of us!

salad dinner

Wedding Update

I can’t believe how FAST time is flying by!  Today officially marks 31 days until the wedding, when in reality it still feels as if we are a recently engaged couple! Where have the past 2 years and 3 months gone??

Because the wedding date is getting very close, I am trying to tie up all of the loose ends NOW so that in 2 weeks I am not running around like a crazy bride-lady…even though that will probably happen anyway 😉

Yesterday, my sister and I met with my florist, Lilly Lane, to see some of the flowers that will be used in the bouquets at the wedding.

wedding sample bouquetThe garden roses were absolutely gorgeous and matched the bridesmaid dresses almost perfectly!  Seeing the actual flowers made the wedding really feel like it is just around the corner…which it is!

wedding sample bouquet 2I also wanted to show you our invitations!

My mom and her graphic design background have been such a huge help with all of the print items for our wedding, invitations included.

wedding invitations 5I had one of my great friends create a wedding logo for us over a year ago so that Brian and I could really “brand” our wedding.


We are only using the fonts on the logo, and the pink on the logo is the pink of the bridesmaid dresses and flowers.  I love it when things are matchy matchy and consistent.

wedding invitationsMy friend also created an image of the Indianapolis skyline for some of our wedding print materials, and I really think that it gives our wedding that extra special city touch.  Brian and I both love cities, we met in Indianapolis, and the wedding is in Indianapolis so we thought the skyline image was very appropriate to include on select print items.

wedding invitations 4Brian and I are so pleased with the end result, and after several e-mails back and forth my mom as well as meetings in person the invitations conveyed the overall feel of our wedding:  classic, elegant, and pretty. The invitations turned out better than I could have EVER imagined.

We love them!

wedding invitations 2Brian and I saved a lot of time by having our return address printed on the back of the invitations, and because Sue (who hosted our couples shower!) offered to hand address all of our invitations with her beautiful calligraphy!  We are so lucky to have someone who could do that for us.

Now, all of the invitations are out and every single day it is like a little present that Brian and I get to open up together when we get an RSVP card 🙂

I can’t believe that we only have one month until the BIG day!

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