I apologize for all of the wedding chatter on the blog recently, and I completely understand if it’s not your thing…BUT it is officially the week of our wedding! 🙂

I tried to get all of the MAJOR things done before this weekend came around so that Brian and I could at least attempt to spend a bit of time relaxing, and it worked.  Most things were done and we finished the things that weren’t on Saturday and Sunday, so Brian and I spent Friday night truly relaxing and enjoying ourselves…our last weekend as a non-married couple.

Friday Night

We were able to get our bikes out and take them for their first spin of the summer.

BikesThe skies had just cleared after a hard rain, so Brian and I decided to ride our bikes to pick up some Indian food for dinner.

tara bike

Delhi Palace is an Indian restaurant in downtown Indy that is slightly too far to walk, but it is the perfect distance for riding your bike!

brian indian takeout

Brian is a huge fan of Chicken Tikka Masala and Naan (Indian bread) and made sure to tell me with each bite how delicious his meal was and that he was considering eating ONLY this meal for the rest of his life… 😉

indian takeoutMy meal was similar to Brian’s but it was the vegetarian version, Chana Masala.  This is a chickpea dish served in the creamy masala spiced sauce.  The jasmine rice on the side was equally as delicious as the main meal making this a very tasty treat!

indian takeoutWe then took our bikes on another spin to pick up some items from the store when we came across the Jazzy Friday Farmers Market!  Brian was in the mood for some pie, so we purchased a couple of pieces to take with us for later.

tara farmers marketBrian must have had a sweet tooth growth spurt because as soon as we walked into the grocery store, Brian asked if we could purchase donuts for his weekend breakfast…

brian donuts

brian donuts 2So we purchased the donuts!   And they were pretty darn tasty 🙂

Now I’m off to attempt to focus at work these next couple of days before the wedding fun begins!

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Have a great week!!

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