Happy Tuesday!

Did anyone else enjoy a long weekend?  Brian’s mom was visiting for the weekend, so we had a ton of fun playing around Denver.

Here are some highlights from our fun weekend.


Kate arrived on Friday morning, so after picking her up from the airport we headed to Jelly for a delicious brunch.  I ordered Harvest Hash with two poached eggs on top…seriously so good!

Jelly Denver | Treble in the Kitchen

Jelly Denver | Treble in the Kitchen


On Saturday we spent the day shopping around the Cherry Creek North area.  The sun was shining, it was a beautiful day, and it was so fun to be out and about.

For Valentine’s Day Kate got me a bracelet from Alex and Ani, and the store is in Cherry Creek North so we went to the store to pick it out.

Alex and Ani | Treble in the Kitchen

I chose the Path of Life bracelet and absolutely adore it!

Alex and Ani | Treble in the Kitchen

After some shopping we were pretty hungry, so we stopped for a late lunch at Crepes n Crepes, a super cute locally owned French crepe restaurant.

Crepes n Crepes Denver | Treble in the Kitchen

I opted for the gluten free Seafood Provencal crepe (which tasted amazing!!). Brian and Kate loved their French onion soup and crepe choices as well.

Crepes n Crepes Denver | Treble in the Kitchen

After lots of shopping and running around town, we made sure to come home and cuddle with Bernie a LOT 🙂

Sleepy Bernie


After church on Sunday morning, we headed out to Boulder to take the Celestial Seasonings Tour.

Celestial Seasonings Boulder | Treble in the Kitchen

I did this with my family last summer and LOVED it, so I was really excited to take Brian and his mom on the tour of the factory.

After our tour, we headed to my favorite Boulder restaurant…Zeal! I seriously cannot get enough of that place 🙂

We started our lunch by sharing roasted potatoes and fried plantains.  Yummmm!

Zeal Boulder | Treble in the Kitchen

For my meal, I ordered a “build your own” bowl with brown rice, lots of roasted veggies, and tilapia with no sauce.  Gosh I feel like I could eat that meal every day.

Zeal Boulder | Treble in the Kitchen

We then headed back home and relaxed a bit and got some errands done before watching The Bachelor at 20.  (Jade’s wedding was beautiful and I loved all the flash backs!)


This morning, I still had to teach Bodypump and get a tid bit of school work done, but once that was complete we headed out to an adorable local Italian restaurant for lunch called Angelo’s Taverna.

Angelo's Taverna Denver | Treble in the Kitchen

I’ll be honest in saying that my stomach was a little bit on the rocks this morning from being slightly indulgent over the weekend, so I wanted to play it safe and order something that I knew was pretty safe for me.  They had a great “sides” menu that included sautéed vegetables and salmon.  I happily ordered that and asked for no onion, garlic, or mushrooms and the restaurant had absolutely no issues delivering.

Angelo's Taverna Denver | Treble in the Kitchen

Everything was cooked so well!

We then snuggled with Bernie a bit more, I worked on this blog post, and Brian took his mom to the airport.  We ended our fun and family filled weekend watching the Grammys.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, celebrating Valentine’s Day with people you love and I hope your week is off to a great start!

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  1. I’ve had Crepes n Crepes on my list for so long but still haven’t been. This needs to change! 🙂 Looks like you had such a fun weekend and showed off all the best parts of Denver.

  2. I am so jealous of all your yummy eats from this weekend!! They all look so good! Salmon and veggies are my go-to when dining out. That picture of Bernie… so cute!!

    • It was really nice this weekend (and this week!!) Hoepefully the weather warms up soon for you East coasters!

    • It’s like a vacation!! 🙂 We don’t eat out often either so it’s really fun to try places when company visits!

  3. As someone who loves Denver, it is always so cool to see your posts! I have actually walked by that crepe restaurant so many times but haven’t stopped in. I’ve heard it is amazing though! I also definitely need to visit Zeal next time I am in the area!

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