Hey guys!! I hope you had a fantastic weekend!

Brian and I spent Saturday in Beaver Creek.

Beaver Creek via Treble in the Kitchen

Typically, Beaver Creek is a pretty awesome ski resort, but in the summer there are tons of trails for hiking, running, and biking.

Brian was in Beaver Creek for an orthodontics conference, so I (along with all of the other ortho significant others!) decided to join in on the fun too!

While the weather was actually pretty rainy, we had a ton of fun relaxing and hanging out in the hot tub and in the beautiful condo.

Beaver Creek via Treble in the Kitchen

Beaver Creek via Treble in the Kitchen

It was so fun to hang out with everyone and get to know the group a little better 🙂

Sunday, I came home and knocked out some Organic Chemistry, blog work, and I hung out with this little guy…




Sorry for the Bernie pic overload, but he just makes me smile so much!

Another thing I checked off the list was grocery shopping.  While grocery shopping I found some baby food pouches that contained only low FODMAP foods.  I’m thinking I may use these for my marathon training fuel while running.

Marathon Fuel Baby Food via Treble in the Kitchen

I’m a little worried about how they will taste…but hopefully it’s tolerable for my taste buds and my stomach 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful start to the week!

Your Turn:

  • What’s one highlight from your weekend!?
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  1. So gorgeous! I love going to Vermont and New Hampshire during the summer months and going for hikes along the trails we ski on in the winter! Highlight of the weekend = rock climbing !

    • I would love to go up to Vermont or NH. I bet it’s gorgeous!! Also, rock climbing sounds amazing!

  2. How much does Bernie weigh these days? I think my Beau is around the same age and I’m just curious. (In other news, when you have a cutie vizsla like that, its impossible not to take tons of photos!) My instagram is @cgowan24 if you ever need to see absurd amounts of kids cuddling with a vizsla

    • We weighed him a couple of weeks ago and he was about 33 lbs…his litter mate is about 45!! But, Bernie was the runt so we expected him to be smaller. Not sure how big he’ll be but his size is pretty good right now!! 🙂 AND I need more vizsla pictures!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your IG info.

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