This weekend was one for the books.  Brian and I spent the weekend with friends in Breckenridge, CO and had the most wonderful time making memories, sharing laughter, and soaking up beautiful Colorado.


This weekend was SO fun, and it’s weekends like these that remind me that even though my love of routine and planning  runs deep and is where I truly feel most comfortable, there is so much GOOD that comes when you don’t plan.

Spruce Creek Hike in Breckenridge

Trust me, I’m a homebody when it comes down to it.  I thrive off of planning and forward thinking, looking to the next step, and avoiding the unknown.

Spruce Creek Hike in Breckenridge

This past weekend wasn’t completely spontaneous by any means.  Anyone else attending the trip may describe the weekend as “planned” or having an “itinerary” but in my books, it was flexible, easy, and relaxed.  Just what I needed after several weeks of hard work as I finished up the summer semester of school.

Lake Dillon Colorad

I woke up without an alarm, spent time hiking in the mountains, and on Sunday we boated on Lake Dillon. Every moment was perfect.

Lake Dillon Colorado

Lake Dillon Colorado

Lake Dillon Colorado

It’s broken routine that allows my mind to find the magic.  It reminds me how great things really are, and it forces me to figure things out in a new way.

Of course, I’ll always love my schedule and planning ahead, but as I jump back into a weekly routine today I am thankful for those spontaneous and flexible moments that allow inspiration and motivation to strike.

I hope your weekend was full of magic as well!

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    • Random moments are the best, but it’s just so hard to not plan sometimes!! Glad we are in this together 🙂

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