I hope that you all enjoyed the first installment in the Honeymoon Recap series!

I thought that I would break up some of the recaps of what we did in Italy by sharing a little bit about our weekend in Indianapolis.

I have actually cooked two full, delicious meals (as opposed to just throwing things I have in the fridge together and calling it a salad…) and I am loving all of our new cooking ware and having the time to relax while creating tasty dishes.

Brian and I attended a cooking class while in Italy and recreated the meal for his family on Saturday night.

Italian Dinner Making

Italian Dinner Making

Italian Dinner Making

It was so much fun and everything tasted just as it did in Italy!  Don’t worry I will post more details on the cooking class later!

Italian Dinner MakingOn Sunday night, Brian and I heard a little knock on our door to find a little golf cart farmer’s market waiting for us!

Basic Roots Basic Roots Community Foods is a local farmers market that literally delivers fresh foods to your door!  They only come based on request, and Brian and I met them just before the wedding.  We told them that we would not be available until Sunday, June 28…which was yesterday!  Honestly, I kind of forgot they were coming so I am glad that they remembered to make the stop.

They had so many fresh things to pick from, it was a bit overwhelming.

Basic RootsThey had everything from kale all the way to fresh chicken eggs!

Basic RootsI tried to keep it simple, so Brian and I decided to get a dozen fresh chicken eggs, cucumbers, and pattypan squash.

Basic RootsWe definitely had a weekend full of kitchen excitement!

Question of the Morning:

  • Have you tried pattypan squash?  
  • How do you like to cook it?!  This is a new food for Brian and me!
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  1. What an awesome concept. Fresh vegetables and dairy products right to your door. Love it!

    p.s. you two look adorable in your aprons 🙂

    • Thanks, Jessie!! I am seriously in love with this concept too…bring the market to the people 🙂

  2. This squash is quite similar to zucchini, so you can always make it like that. it’s lovely in sauces, lasagna, roasted, grilled, breadcrumbed and cooked in the oven and really young ones can be just grated with vegetable peeler and served as part of a fresh salad.

    I loved the first instalment of the honeymoon recap, you guys look so happy 🙂

    • Thanks for the tip, Anne! I experimented with it last night and it was amazing…I can’t wait to share 🙂

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