Hey Guys! (and happy Cinco de Mayo!!)

This weekend was so. much. fun!  From the moment I got off work on Friday, I have been doing something super fun.


Friday night was the dental school graduation party.    This is a HUGE deal for the dental students and it’s something they look forward to as soon as they start dental school.  Everyone got really dressed up, we danced a lot, and had a blast.

The event was at the Mavris, an amazing three story event space in downtown Indianapolis.

Dental School Grad Party 20

Dental School Grad Party 7

Joy and Alex are both in dental school with Brian.  Alex graduates this year, and Joy graduates next year! We love them 🙂

Dental School Grad Party 1

Brian and Nick

Dental School Grad Party 10

Brian and Alex (Brian says Alex was his FIRST dental school friend!)

Dental School Grad Party 12

Brian, Cassie, and Jenny

Dental School Grad Party 13

Brian’s clinic from school.  It was so fun to see everyone and the evening really was memorable.  It’s amazing how quickly these past four years have gone by, but we truly have made some great friendships during the process.

Dental School Grad Party 19


Saturday morning I woke up VERY early so my sister and I could run the Indianapolis Mini Marathon.

mini marathon 2014 1

This was my sister’s FIRST ever half marathon, so I stayed with her the entire time to keep her motivated and she totally rocked it!

mini marathon 2014 21

I’ll give a recap of the race later this week 🙂

mini marathon 2014 18

After the race, we actually drove my sister to the airport so she could fly to NYC for some specialized training for work.

Lucky duck!!

Once we got home from the airport, I prepped my lunches for the week, showered up and made myself look halfway decent, whipped up some dinner and then Brian and I were headed out to date night!

Brian’s birthday is this Wednesday and mine was a week ago, so we decided a fun date night was deserved to celebrate both of our birthdays.  To cross something off of our Indianapolis bucket list, we headed out to Crackers Comedy Club.

crackers comedy 3

As we headed into the club, we honestly thought we may be the only people at the show…but as soon as we got seated we realized the show was practically sold out.

We also realized we were seated front and center!

crackers comedy 2

Brian and I were both a little nervous  that the comedian would pick on us.

We ordered some fun drinks, sat back, laughed a lot, and only got picked on a tiny bit 🙂  It was such a fun date night, we definitely plan on going back.

crackers comedy 1


Sunday, I slept in until 7am and it felt amazing!

To get my body moving, I laced up my shoes and hit the pavement for an easy peasy 2-3 mile run.  I didn’t put on a watch, I didn’t time myself or anything I just ran and it felt so great!  Such a good way to get the day started.

running After my run, I got to work on my Sunday to-do list…

to-do list

And that is a glimpse into my weekend 🙂

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  1. Hi,nice to meet you! I’m karin, from Italy. I follow you from last year and this is my first comment in your blog. First, please sorry for my horrible English and feel free to correct me. I find you so inspiring , so funny to read. Thank to you, I can leave a piece of America while staying in my little office. Your blog is my moment of relax during the day . congrats to your sister ( i’m also a beginner in running) and to your husband ( i’m a medstudent). bye!!

    • Hi Karin! Thanks so much for reading and commenting 🙂 Your English is great! Good luck with your running and medical school!

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