Yesterday morning started with a refreshing yoga class.

If you follow me on Instagram you already know that it was a fun class because Brian and I were both doing headstands…with no wall.  I still can’t believe we can do them!

yoga headstand

The fun continued through to the end of the work day with our first official Mini Marathon Training group run.  My calves were still a bit sore from Monday’s treadmill run, but we were able to 4 miles with just over an 8:40 pace.

training run 4 miles

The goal pace was 8:30, but there is still a LOT of ice and snow on the sidewalks here in Indianapolis which I think slowed us down a bit.  Despite the sidewalks, it was still a great run!  We just had to brace our midsection a little tighter to maintain balance as we ran over the slick and bumpy sidewalks. 😉

Whole 30

Today is a pretty big day.

Today is the final day of my Whole 30 Challenge!

whole 30

I cannot believe how quickly it has gone by, but here I am and the challenge is nearing an end.  Tomorrow, I will begin reintegrating foods into my diet that I have been avoiding such as legumes, grains, dairy, and gluten.  Wish me luck!

How Do I Feel?  Have I experience the magic?

Here are some of the AWESOME side effects that I have experienced as a result of my Whole 30:

  • As far as how I’m feeling…honestly, I feel great!  But I wouldn’t be completely honest if I told you I didn’t feel this way before I started the Whole 30.  I was a pretty healthy eater before completing my Whole 30, so I don’t think I noticed a huge difference in how I feel on a day to day basis.  No biggie though…I don’t mind feeling great!
  • While I have missed baking and the occasional treat, I have to admit that many times when I eat these treats the next day I do get a “hangover” effect or my tummy is a little bloated.  It has been pretty nice to NOT have those side effects on a regular basis.
  • In the bowel movement department…I will be completely honest and tell you that I have become a lot more regular (sorry if that is TMI!!), but it feels great after being “irregular” for as long as I can remember.
  • My nails are definitely stronger and growing faster.
  • My tummy feels flatter on a day to day basis.
  • I feel more confident and I just feel good about myself.  Call me crazy, but when I know I am putting GOOD stuff in my body, I can’t help but feel great about my decisions!
  • This challenge has also made me a more mindful eater.  While I am not perfect, I really try to pay attention to what I am eating when I am eating it, ask myself if I am really hungry when I feel the urge to snack, and I am getting much better at eliminating the multitasking during meal time (no cell phones or computers!).
  • I have also gotten back on the meal planning train.  I love planning my meals for the week and purchasing my groceries to complete the menu.  This challenge has really allowed me to experiment with some new dishes and get back into the routine of prepping and cooking food for the week.

YOUR Whole 30 Questions Answered:

A few of you asked some really great questions regarding my Whole 30 experience, so I wanted to answer the questions publicly so everyone can benefit from the answers.

  • I am always a bit concerned with my fish/seafood consumption — I tend to eat only a few portions a week. Is this at all a concern for you?

I know there are risks with consuming too much seafood, but there are also risks with consuming too many soy products and I am not comfortable eating meat (even chicken) right now…beans/legumes are a no no on the Whole 30 so fish and eggs are IT for me when it comes to protein on the Whole 30. There are always things that I can improve on, but for now I am trying to get fresh, wild-caught fish from responsible sources :)

  • Do you measure your food at all with Whole 30 or just go with your hunger and the foods on the plan?  

Before the Whole 30 I was a measuring cup girl!  I love measuring things and getting everything just right, but the Whole 30 encourages you NOT to measure.  I was a bit nervous about this, but luckily the have a handy meal planning guide that is very helpful!  I followed it through the entire program.

  • Have you lost weight?

My main goal was not to lose weight, as I think I am at a healthy weight for my body.  The Whole 30 encourages you to “break up with the scale” and not focus on those numbers because in the grand scheme of things your health can be based on so many other things!  It is more about how you feel on a daily basis, or at least it was for me.  That being said, many people do report weight loss as a “natural side effect” of the Whole 30 challenge.

  • I was wondering about the snacking. I am trying to adopt some Whole 30 principles (namely eating bigger meals) as I already eat (mostly!!) whole food. But I still find myself snacking in between meals and even snacking in between snacks. How did you figure out your portions? 

The Whole 30 encourages you to eat enough at each meal to satisfy you until the next meal.  If you exercise, you are to eat a serving of fat and protein prior to the workout and a starchy vegetable with a protein after the workout IN ADDITION to your three meals.  I did not find myself snacking on a regular basis, but some days I would be more hungry for lunch earlier in the day and I would eat my apple earlier then my full lunch, but other than that not much snacking happened.  Refer to the meal guide for portions 🙂  It really helped me out!

Thank you all for the love, support, questions, and resources you have provided me with through this challenge!  I can’t thank you enough.

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    • I will have to look into the 21 Day Sugar Detox…I keep hearing about it around the blog world but haven’t really looked into it. I’ll have to check out your recap! Congrats on being done!

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