Fitness Posts

Here you will find a list of fitness related posts that I have blogged about in the past!

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5 Steps to Get the Most Out of Your Bodypump Class

9 Half Marathon Tips

My First Les Mills Quarterly Experience

My First Experience with The Dailey Method

Hot Yoga:  My First Class

My First Official WOD at CrossFit NapTown

How to Streamline Your Getting Ready Routine at the Gym

How I Fight the Stress Monster

Freestyle vs. Choreographed

Foam Rolling Magic

100 Reasons Why You Should Workout Today

Bosu Discovery

I’m Aware

Women Can’t Bulk Up

Fit vs. Athletic

Staying Cool in the Summer Heat

Oversleeping to Prevent Overtraining

Pre-Planning Involved

I Need a Gym Membership

Gym Talk

Healthy Holidays Tips and Tricks

3 Stretches to Relieve Hip Pain

My Healthy and Wellness Goals:  Nobody’s Perfect

Ultimate Plank Fitness Review + Workout

3 Tips for Barre Technique

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6 Weeks to 6 Miles

Top 5 Post-Run Stretches

My Favorite Running Gadgets

Training Schedule

I’m Not a Runner

I Found My Inspiration

When 6 Miles Feels Like 60

Forerunner 305

Training Isn’t Always Easy

Race Day Recap

I Finally Tried It:  Compression Gear

Monumental Half Marathon

Speed Half Marathon Training Plan

Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini Marathon

Post-Run Stretching and Foam Rolling Roundup

My Running Story

Bolder Boulder 10K Race Recap

Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon

Rock N Roll Denver Marathon Recap

Stretches I Do After Long Runs

Tips for Getting Through a Long Run

Colfax Half Marathon

4 IT Band Stretches Perfect for Runners

Dynamic Warm Up for Runners

What I Learned from NOT Achieving My Goal (Boulder Rez Half Marathon)