The venue we visited was Hilbert Circle Theatre.  Hilbert is literally smack dab in the middle of downtown, which I love!, so Brian and I were able to walk there in 25 minutes from our apartment. It was pretty and gave us a lot to think about and add to “the list.”  I got to see some old friends from Butler and I didn’t even expect it! Being an arts administration major most people go to work for non-profit arts organization in the community, and Hilbert is the home of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (the largest arts organization in the state!) so a lot of Butler alum work there.

After checking out the venue, Brian and I came home for lunch.  Nothing fancy, just a little plate of my favorite veggies, roasted pine nut hummus, and a whole wheat English muffin.

I love fresh veggies 🙂

Finding a the perfect balance in life is difficult to do.  For me, I need to find a way to balance eating healthfully, working out, spending time with Brian, visiting family, getting ready for the cruise, hanging out with friends, and the list could go on.  It is easy to get overwhelmed, and we all have different ways of prioritizing and organizing our lives.  A friend of mine wrote this post today about finding balance in her life.  It’s very insightful and a good reminder about the need for balance to lead a happy life 🙂


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