Yesterday, I just had a feeling that it was going to be a great day, and it was!  Brian came and visited me at work first thing in the morning and brought me some pretty fall flowers 🙂

What a sweet guy!


After work we had our cake tasting, and I must say the cake was tasty.  We were given a slice of her most popular cake…French vanilla and chocolate fudge with a raspberry filling.  Even though Brian and I both scarfed down our samples, we still weren’t 100% satisfied with the flavor and the frosting.  We were both really hoping for the “WOW!  This is the best cake I have ever had!” effect, and we just didn’t have that.  On the positive side, we really liked her personality, we liked that she built the business on her own and built her own test kitchen attached to her home, the business is literally her baby and we can tell how much it means to her, and she talked with us about her competition within the industry.  On top of that, her prices are really affordable too.


Deciding on our cake was going to be something that I was initially planning on leaving until after I return from the cruise.  After talking with this cake lady, she really made it seem like the cake is something that we need to decide on now!  So, today I am going to scramble and try to make at least one more appointment before I leave so that we can compare flavors and prices.



This morning, I woke up with a pretty bad headache.  About once a month I get these headaches and there is nothing that beats them accept for a prescription that I have been given.  The only downside is that the prescription really makes me feel weird and a little dizzy for the rest of the day, so I did not do a workout first thing in the morning.  If I start to feel better then I would love to go on a bike ride or do something active later in the day!

Because I wasn’t feeling 100% I was craving some sort of bread this morning, so I made myself an egg white english muffin sandwich made on a Thomas Light Multi-Grain English Muffin.  It was delicious, needless to say.

Today, I have the entire day off from work so I am hoping to accomplish a lot of things that need to get done before I leave next Saturday!  I can’t believe it’s coming so soon!

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