This morning, I started the day off with a blackberry banana smoothie with a little spinach thrown into the mix.

The smoothie tasted great, however, I think that with the weather being in the 40s this morning with only a high of 58 I should have had something warmer…I feel like I have been cold ever since!


I then went into work, and now I’m on my lunch break!  I quickly packed myself a little salad this morning and topped it with salsa.

I ate in the Arts Garden at the mall and there was a little jazz quartet playing live music.  What a treat!


Brian and I, along with his parents, brother, and some friends, are headed to see the Avett Brothers perform tonight at White River State Park concert venue.  I am not too familiar with their music, but everything I hear I love!  The only thing I am worried about is dressing warm enough…I think I am just going to have to throw the cuteness factor out of the picture  and just focus on getting as many layers on as possible!


Happy October! I hope you all have a great rest of your Saturday!

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