I love my new nontoxic cookware from Caraway. In this post I outline what I look for when choosing nonstick cookware.

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I am frequently asked what cookware I recommend, and I have been struggling to find a decent nontoxic cookware option that is also nonstick.

I was recently introduced to Caraway’s 100% nontoxic cookware and I am so happy to have these pans in my home and as something I feel confident recommending. I cook for my girls every single day, and as a dietitian and mom health and nutrition are top priority. 

Caraway cookware is beautiful, 100% nontoxic, amazingly nonstick and has been a perfect fit for our family. The beautiful colors blend seamlessly with our decor, and I love that they don’t contain any harmful chemicals. 

Cookware Requirements

When shopping for nonstick cookware, there were a few requirements I wanted the cookware to meet:

  • I wanted the cookware to be nontoxic. Many nonstick cookware brands use PFAS (polyfluoroalkyl substances), which break down when the cookware is used. The impact of these substances on our health is still being researched, but the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology states that there are potential adverse effects correlated with PFAs such as preterm birth and low birth weight. These are noted from primarily animal studies and a limited amount of human studies. It is important to note that more research is needed in these area, because an association does not mean that exposure to these substances is the cause of the adverse outcome. In order to avoid coming into contact with these substances, I knew that my nonstick options were cast iron, ceramic or stainless steal.
  • I wanted the cookware to be beautiful. We recently renovated our forever home (a nearly 100 year old Tudor), and I am in the process of filling the house with things I love (even the cook ware I use!).
  • The cookware needed to be easy to clean. We have tried other nonstick cookware brands that end up being really difficult to clean and then stop being nonstick all together.

Why I Love My Caraway Pans (My Nontoxic Cookware!)

  • Caraway cookware is nontoxic! Caraway cookware is ceramic-coated with an aluminum core that is free of lead and cadmium.
  • The pans are absolutely gorgeous. They come in a variety of colorways, but I opted for the white and gold in the iconics because it compliments my kitchen perfectly.
  • The cookware is actually nonstick. I do use a little bit of oil or butter, but so far nothing has stuck to the pans and they clean up to look brand new after each use.

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